HTC Desire sees a price drop, now only for INR 15K?

The original HTC Desire seems have seen a big price drop in the Indian market and is now selling for just 15,000. But this pricing seems to be only limited to, which a recent Spice group venture. We are expecting other retailers to follow suit.

If you were looking to go for this, then it is the right time for you. To remind you of the specs, HTC Desire comes with Android 2.2, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, HTC Sense, 5MP camera and 3.7 inch display.

Buy from Saholic | Thanks Rajesh for the tip

  • Amit C

    When fresh stock will be availabe on Saholic

  • Bharat

    I too was bat to buy ace but m waiting for new stock of desire now….. What’s the scene? Even flipkart shows 16.5 k but out of stock

  • Amit C

    @sohalic:is this offer discontinued ? I want to buy Desire or Samsung ACE in a day or two , if offer is no more available i am planning to go for ACE, please confirm on offer part

  • Amit C

    is same price available in shops in mumbai ?

  • sandeep t v

    IS it new htc wildfire is gud plz help me out….

  • Vinodh

    Hi All,

    I have bought the HTC desire from Saholic and its a best deal and the phone has manufacure warrenty and its a full sealed box. this is limited offer. my friends have ordered today seeing my mobile.

  • Junker

    Hi Saholic,
    will it differ from official HTC Desire product in any aspect ( specs, warranty etc)?

  • Harry

    HTC Desire S has front facing camera and this one does not

  • Dwayne
    Will there be more stock coming in for the Desire?

  • Raj @Gaurav
    Is Saholic planning to slash prices for Incredible S too soon??

  • Hi from
    Thanks for your support guys. For the ones who bought it, hope you are loving the phone. And for the ones who missed it, we have received fresh stocks and the HTC Desire A8181 is available again at for Rs.15000.

  • Sandeep

    Why they are selling at such a cheap price…

    Because the version on Saholic is S-LCD version. Its not the same as the original Desire AMOLED display. Therefore by compromising on screen they are able to bring down the price. Its the same as in the case of Original Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S-LCD.

  • Parry

    Got my shipment from saholic today. htc desire rocks.

  • Ankush

    woooohoooo…. i got one 😛 they are going out of stock soon! its like i won a lottery! wow am a owner of a HTC Desire 😛

    PS: I bought it from Spice Hotspot in gurgaon, few shops still selling it at 22k 😛

  • Ashish

    The ones being sold on Saholic are new and sealed. Not second hand or defective. I have confirmed this as a friend of mine ordered one on Friday and got it on Saturday. I think it is perhaps more of price rationalization by HTC than price drop – the market is getting flooded with more android phones, and manufaturers cannot over-charge, esp because with android they save a lot on software development.

  • Parminder Singh

    Yes this may be a scam but the price of Nexus S also fell down to 20k, so there may be some other logic. Spice MI 410 with same specs is launched for 14k so they may fear that their single core 1Ghz sets will no be sold on such a high price.

  • Abhi

    Well original wildfire s is at 13500 so this has got to be some scam. I just don’t get the logic of dropping the price of a set bcoz its going out of production bcoz it still has the upper hand as far as specs are concerned.

    Prices of lower end HTC sets will also fall like this bfore it comes to this price.

    Anyone thinking of buying this.. think twice… bcoz if the peice is second hand or with some defect you will regret not buying an original wildfire s.

  • gaurav

    should i go ahead with it ? i hope these arent defective ones
    pls help me out…

  • And Roid

    It is original product, seal and with full manufacturer warranty, as is also clearly mentioned on the site. I searched for Saholic on the net and there are news stories where their management has clearly mentioned that they sell only trusted branded products with full manufacturer’s warranty. Besides a brand like spice, which owns saholic will never risk its image by selling second hand stuff. I also talked to help line in saholic and they confirmed that it is new and original product with full warranty.

  • Chintan K

    Its Out of Stock at Flipkart, seems HTC has stopped its production and these r leftovers..

  • Vishwas

    Even the phone number provided on their website is incorrect:
    120 – 436 – 3600

  • Parminder Singh

    How can they provide it at such a low price? is it 2nd hand?