Install Gingerbread on Spice Mi 410 now [Official build from Huawei X6 variant]

Being Spice Mi 410 owner, you would probably be knowing that it is originally Huawei Ideos X6. Being an OEM device, X6 has been released in various countries under different names and recently one of these variants Cherry Mobile Magnum HD got the official Gingerbread update.

As Spice Mi 410 and Magnum HD are the exact same devices, this stock Gingerbread build works on Mi 410 without any problems. So, you can’t wait for Spice to release Android 2.3 for you, here is your chance.

It might void your warranty and you must not perform the following actions unless you are very sure of what you are doing.

  • Download the update file from here
  • Extract the ZIP file.
  • Copy the file FB0-318B-0-5019-A01.nb0 to your SD card. Make sure it is placed in the root folder (not saved in a folder)
  • Insert the SD card to your device.
  • To enter bootloader mode, press and hold volume up + down + power buttons until you see the image of the Android logo.
  • Press ‘Home’key to show the update utility. Use the volume buttons to select the option “Download nb0 from SD card”.
  • Press ‘back arrow’ to confirm.
  • Upgrade will start. You can see the progress of the update while you wait.
  • Your Spice Mi 410 is now update to Android 2.3.4. Do share you experiences in the comments section.

Thanks Sid for the tip | Related XDA Thread

  • AAshiki

    When SPICE MI-270 Android 2.3.4 update is comeing out ?

  • BSJolly

    The 2.3.4 update is also available at Cherry Magnum Website. Installs in a jify. The upgrade process is far better than some of the established players (Samsung aka).

  • helo friends from where i can buy this smartphone

    where to buy this smartphone

  • rakesh joshi

    spice mi 410 has a laggard camera , though its specifications tell it can record 720p video but its not true, captured video is jittery and seem \s like taken with some chinese mobile, restarts now and then, battery life poor, speaker sound is very low, volume keys are inconvenient. dont buy this its chinese rubbish nothing more.

  • Mae

    Mi410 has DocumentToGo application which can view, edit and create Excel, Word, Powerpoint

  • Raghu

    in spice mi 410 can we open the documents like exceel, word, pdf files pl tell me

  • JollyBS

    I hv this phone. Updated to 2.3.4 as described above. Works like jiffy. Value for money phone with excellent hardware. Only (-) is screen which is not as bright as SGS and weight which is also more than SGS. Rest all is superb.

  • Faisal

    Spice Mi-410 is shown as having 512 MB RAM and 2 GB built in memory but in Android System Info application(downloaded from market) shows it as having 349 MB RAM and 1118.13 MB. I dont think that the android operating system occupies remaining nearly 1 GB space. Kindly put some light on this.

  • chandu reddy

    i got the phone two days back and i didnt ger this sunno and blueberry messenger preloaded to my phone….

  • sachin

    hey plz tell me , android 2.3 give hindi font support on spice mi-410

  • vamsi

    plz dont update with this one it bricked my phone,god i dont know what to do now,get spice to release the official update,force their toll free,pressure them,plz

  • Tried to upgrade my Cincinnati Bell phone Huawei Ascend X (equivalent to the mi 410) and it did not work. It says PID does not match.

  • sachin

    guys, tell me 2.3 give the hindi font support, plz tell me which have upgraded it…

  • Arsito


    i just upgrade an hour ago my mi 410 to 2.3.4 and so far it working fine – i just missed all of 4 blueberry pre loaded programs such as CSL Fun Club etc – have somebody could told me how to restore its ?. Tks

    and suppresingly my phone/sms blacklist utility – that announced did not work in the gingerbread is stll running well on 2.3.4

  • mahesh

    shit, no custom recovery flash for this phone !
    thats the only thing holding me from upgrading it to gingerbread !

  • vinuthan

    after updating to 2.3.4 did someone did GTALK video chat ?

  • AR

    I have upgraded to the Cherry 2.3.4 ROM. A significant improvement – screen is much more responsive, phone does not heat up as much as before and transitions/animations are much smoother. One thing that still does not improve much is battery life – in quick tests, only 10% or less longer. You also get some free apps with this version – some Myriad and Nero apps are bundled. The start up sequence is of course Cherry branded – but, other than that not much evidence of any major mods (change the wallpaper of course).
    One thing I could do was a backup of the previous ROM – the clockwork ROM manager did not have the right flash recovery stuff. So I am, for good or bad, stuck with 2.3.4!! So, while I did root this, it was not of much use (Use SuperOneclick 1.7 and rage—cage exploit)
    BTW 2.3.4 does not root – so, if you want non-market place and related, you know what I am talking about 🙂 , apps, do NOT go to the Cherry ROM. Maybe gingerbreak or something else will be able to handle 2.3.4 in the future – but at the moment, it does not.

  • Abhi

    Hey.. Guys who have upgraded to 2.3.. Do you advice to upgrade now or wait till official release? (any problems have you faced after upgrade?)


  • mahesh


    yes it does !!

  • Ab

    I have updated it to 2.3, One thing while you do that you must remember to rename the extracted file to firmware.nb0. Struggled to figure that one out during the process.
    Overall i am very happy with the phone.
    Sore points: No gorilla glass. camera doesn’t seem all that great. Need to test it a little more..
    Battery life seems to have improved. Need to test it.

  • Karthik

    @ Sam yes it has a front camera

  • Bob Tahar

    The screen color looks great & awesome, its no super amoled but it able to impress some of my friend that have Samsung galaxy s, iphone & others big brand android phone.

    I downloaded Looney toons fur of flying HD from youtube to do the show off…

  • anand

    @sam yes this phone has front camera for video calling…

    Can any1 plz post detailed review of this phone coz i (and i guess many more) am planning to buy the phone….

  • sam

    guys does this phone have a front camera. someone pls reply

  • mahesh

    @Nitesh S

    i went thru xda forum .. cudnt find the exact way to back my whole firmware … plz provide me with a link or someting .. thankxx

  • Arun

    Actually ballu is right but screen is too big and looking dull. thats why i am not happy.
    but phone perfomence is good.
    anyway anyone get the GB 2.3 update ??

  • Hi Rdx2, i tried to write a review with some links to some of the videos i made on Spice Mi-410…
    Just click and see if it helps 🙂

  • Sandeep

    @ballu.. thanks for pointing the mistake… I actually meant the color depth.

    @Arun… as ballu pointed out… the screen res is actually good but my concern was the low colour depth. With this kind of low color gamut usual issues would be
    – Screen icons appearing dull
    – bandling and fuzziness in dim lighted areas of photographs and movies..
    – grainy reproduction of pictures on mobile screen though they may look excellent on computer

    are you getting any of these issues? can you please elaborate on this?

  • Pol

    if anyone is using this phone….pl mention the battery life u have experienced…….

  • ballu

    @Nitesh S
    You know the chipset is same in HTC deire HD and X6
    “1GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon”

    Defy dosnt hv front camera nstuck on Android 2.2
    X6 has 720p@30fps Defy is VGA@30fps

    so u decide which is better

  • chandu reddy

    I have done a lot of research online and found that this phone is of 262k and screen type and resolution are the factors that decides phone display a lot and number of colours not a big deal,i am going to but this handset.

  • Nitesh S

    @ballu. Defy is much better as far as built quality, battery life, toughness and usability/pocketability is concerned. We have yet to see real life performance of mi-410. Till that i guess defy is the best value for money in android phones.

  • Shrikant

    thank you guys, just make a good brief review of this phone so it clears all features and defects with this phone

  • Nitesh S

    Actually the specs diff in print as far as original x6 and mi-410 is concerned. On gsmarena screen color is mentioned as 16M whereas spice gives a lower color bit screen, at same resolution. Battery is also of low mAhr in spice. can anyone confirm whether their phone has exactly the same spec. as mentioned on gsmarena of X6?

  • ballu

    @Sandeep 262K is not screen res Its number of colors.
    And Spice- Mi410 (Ideos X6) res is very good 480X800.

    Only plus point Defy has is its gorilla glass and rest Mi410 beats defy on all fronts.

    You should compare it with HTC desire HD actually.

    @mahesh could you share more nifo abt ur exp. with phone I am planning to buy one.

    plz give detailed view abt this phone kind of a brief revview. thanks

  • Arun

    I get the MI410 from yesterday. Its good phone big screen and well functioning. But i thing screen is very poor resolution compare to my ipod 4G.

  • Sandeep

    Unfortunately the screen res is very low for this mobile – only 262K. I guess Motorola Defy is a better buy than this mobile? Would welcome any other views on why this phone is superior.

  • mahesh

    @Nitesh S
    thankx man !! m on my way now …
    this phone is really awesome .. its exactly same as the orginal x6 .. it has micro hdmi out , m not able to check it out coz the cable wasnt included in this …
    the phone is really smooth without any kind of lag..

  • Shrikant

    I am requesting you to comment on sound quality of the phone for loudspeaker. pls pls pls ..

  • Shrikant

    has anyone got this phone ? I am going to buy this phone in a week pls suggest me it’s good or not ?
    Thnx in advanced

  • Sid

    Well its the exact same only rebranded , friends already installed GB on it and it works fine .

    Just make sure u rename the file to firmware.nb0 before putting in ur sd.

  • Nitesh S

    @Mahesh go to xda developer forum. There’s complete instruction set to backup your 2.2 and update to 2.3. BTW, have you managed to find out whether mi-410 is exactly same as the original X6? Does it have working HDMI out. What abt screen color?

  • Kshitij

    +1 for a video review guys.

  • Rdx2

    Guys, can you do a video review of this handset?

  • mahesh

    thankx .. i have been waiting for this ..
    i am all set to update my spice mi410 to 2.3 but before i do that i want to keep back up of my orginal 2.2 firmware , in case if anything goes wrong !
    is it possible to back up the orginal firmware ? if yes ,, how ??