Update brings native Screenshot capability to select HTC Android phones


No need to root your HTC Android phone anymore to take screenshots, HTC has announced that the recently released Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 updates for its various smartphones include the native screenshot feature. Company has been updating HTC Incredible S, Desire S, Desire HD and other phones in the last few weeks.

To take a screenshot, all you have to do hold down the POWER button and press HOME simultaneously. You screenshot will appear in the gallery (probably under camera shots/screenshots folder).

According to company’s Twitter account, all the HTC Android smartphones running Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 or above should be able to use this feature.  So, it should also work on Evo 3D, Sensation, Sensation XE, XL, Rhyme.

Do let us know if you were successfully able to take screenshots on your HTC phones in comments.


Post Author: Gaurav Shukla

Gaurav Shukla is the editor of AndroidOS.in. If you'd like to reach him, drop an email at '[email protected]' or connect with him on Twitter (@gauravshukla).
  • Jennell

    I am on my second incredible 2; I had issues with my first one. I could screen shot with my old one but it doesn’t work on my replacement phone. Any idea why?

  • Alexander Fuchs

    Neat. Works on the HTC Wildfire S A510e, Android 2.35 and Sense 2.1.

  • ra

    Works on my HTC rhyme. Guys you have to hold the power key down first and then tap the home key, don’t press both at once, which was what I had been doing previously and was getting frustrated when it wouldn’t work.

  • cheyenne

    I’ve got the HTC Evo 3D and it let me take screenshots for a couple weeks but wont anymore.. any ideas to make it work again?

  • John Mole

    Did not work on my Desire X neither

  • chandra

    works fine on htc incredible s running on android 2.3.5 and HTC GO launcher

  • sarai

    I have the HTC incredible 2 runs on HTC sense 2.1 and Android 2.3.4
    The screenshot feature works on my phone 🙂

  • rachael

    doesn’t work on incredible s. are there other screenshot apps we can use that doesn’t require us to root nor have a limited screenshot amount? can htc incredible s be upgraded?

    • latie

      It worked twice….and won’t do it again (HTC Droid incredible 2)
      -really frustrating

  • anand kharade

    i use incredible s with htc sense 3 n its nt working in it, m nt able to take d screenshots……

  • linna bucko

    I was able to take screenshots by holding the power and screen botton but recently i got a free upgrade and ever since i havent been able to take screenshots anymore im wondering how i can get it to work again or how i can get rid of this upbtade which didnt change much on my phone

  • charles


  • charles

    It wont work on Incredible S. I am not sure if they really have patch for that.

  • Yami Wu

    I’ve taken one by accident before and it saved to “Screenshot” folder (didn’t know when or how it happened).

    But then I accessed the USB Drive and deleted the folder…

    Now it goes to the normal DCIM (Camera) folder; which is annoying. I wonder if anyone knows how to change that?

    Got Desire HD; and it works with Power+Home buttons – but need to be quick before it goes to standby or the power-off options pops up.

  • Alireza

    doesnt work on incredible S 🙁

  • David

    I tried it, but doesn’t work on my Incredible S with Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0

  • Jon Wardell

    On HTC Desire S, I’ve found, Hold down Power Key, and tap Home Key, does work. [Desire S, Android 2.3.5, not rooted]
    Jon Wardell, London, UK.

    • Samantha

      Thanks!! It works! 🙂

  • Chris Martin

    Not working on HTC EVO with v2.3.5

  • Mike

    2.3.5 broke my SwiftKey X app and made the marketplace app really annoying, not to mention the screenshot feature doesn’t even work on Sprint EVO and they still don’t allow you to remove garbage like the NASCAR app. 🙁

  • Mike

    Screenshots don’t work on HTC EVO. 🙁

  • Amanda

    Works on my desire hd. Shows up in my regular gallery photos.

  • charlaine

    it doesn’t work on my HTC incredible S !! 🙁

  • It works on my HTC Explorer with android v2.3.5 nd sense v3.5 ,taking screenshots was never so easy. Luv my HTC 🙂

  • It does work on my HTC Explorer with Android v2.3.5 nd sense v3.5 , taking screenshots was never so easy. Luv my HTC 🙂

  • Yeah, it does work on my HTC Explorer with android v2.3.5 nd sense v3.5. Taking screenshots was never so easy. Luv HTC.

  • HIren

    It does work on HTC sensation with 2.3.4 and sense 3.0..! see the screen shots

  • Mojtaba Akbari

    yeah , it works on HTC Sensation properly!

  • Moe

    It is Working in my sensation XE, but no update available :S my ver is 2.3.4 and sense ver 3.0

  • Maya

    It didn’t work on my HTD Desire HD 2.50 🙁

  • Ranjith Thiru

    @Gaurav, Then what about HTC Explorer with Android 2.3.5 & HTC Sense 3.0?