Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update roll-out suspended in India

Samsung India has confirmed that the Jelly Beam update for Galaxy S III is no longer rolling out in India. The update reportedly contained bugs and was creating issues for those already updated, thus Samsung has stopped the update.

Company is currently looking into this and is likely to release a fixed update soon.

Samsung had originally started the Android 4.1 OTA update around two weeks ago.

Here is the email reply sent to one of our readers regarding the same.

Dear Mr. XXXXX,

This is in reference to your email received on date 15th of November, 2012 regarding updating of GT-I9300 (Galaxy S III) to Android Jelly Bean v4.1.

We would like to inform you that update was released earlier by Samsung India for Galaxy S III but now it rolled back due to some technical reasons, so we request you to kindly co-operate with us till the future release of Android v4.1 (Jelly bean) for mentioned handset. Therefore; we are not in position to give you any official confirmation regarding the same.

But we appreciate your valuable feedback. We forwarded your feedback to Product Innovation Team. Presently they are looking on same matter. If any update is available you will be get on our website as soon as possible.

Any update in this regard will be conveyed to you by various means of communication.


Technical Support Team

Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks arpit

  • Joseph Mathew

    I upgraded to Android 4.1 JB yesterday and somehow the phone is not charging while it is on. The charging status indicator (the little lightning sign inside the battery level indicator) comes on but the battery level does not go up and it is not charging!
    I dont know what can be done ? Can i revert back to the ICS somehow until I wait till the next update?

  • muhas

    yp guys the jb update iz agin alive 45.93mb wid new new build number is XXDLK1

    • sailor

      hi when did u get the 45.93 mb update? Did you get after upgrade to Jelly Bean? Did it fix any bugs? Please reply as I am facing a lot of issues after ugrading to Jelly Bean

  • pramod

    Update is live again guys.Time to upgrade to JB.

    • sailor

      Hey there..dont upgrade to JB. It has bugs. I upgraded my S3 to JB this Wednesday and my inbuilt camera app is not working since then.

  • Davis

    I was so excited when i got the update today morning for my s3. After downloading i found none of the major features were there. This is extremely horrible from samsung. Does anyone have any idea when we could get a fixed update?

  • Vaibhav

    the 45.93 update (LK1) is out on Kies as well as OTA

    • Chris

      Am downloading the update now…its 310.78 MB…hope it is JB! BTW my location is Bangalore.

      • KD

        yep. this is the actual system image for JB. i got my device updated two days back, and it has still got a few rough edges.. overall the performance on Jb is significantly better than ICS

        • PG


    • PG


  • kunal

    hello frnds..the update is live build number is XXDLK1..!
    got it morning..!

    • vaibhav

      Even I did the update but couldn’t find any changes I’m system . Did you notice any ?

      • Kunal

        hi vaibhav…nope even I coud not find nythng new…but there is a new bug now..I cant update my apps via play store..I can download new cant update the previously installed..! I formatted my phne 2 no use..!

  • Vivek

    Wish I’d bought the iPhone5 now. Updates on iPhones are hassle-free and instant. Absolutely pathetic from Samsung India!

    • mandar

      iPhone 5 is iShit fone.. trust me.. iOS 6.0 is even buggier! you would hv cried.. why i bought this shit!

  • Sharad

    really disappointed with samsung………now it just feel’s like to throw my phone away………..

  • Hagimaru

    btr to go for sony..
    they provide much btr soft support to their xperia lineup n according to xda oem of the year…
    samsung is just a crap

  • Babik

    Not expected from a market leader like Samsung. Horrible!

  • Tarun

    People who r luking for this update………… u all can do it manually, NO ROOT needed

    after visiting the link, just scroll down and download the firmware and head over to the tutorial

    Enjoy !! 🙂

  • Mayur

    I really dont understand what type of company samsung is!!!.They launch a new mobile almost everyday and yet when it comes to updates they just keep wetting their pants everytime google releases a new version… please recruit sensible people who can do something…

  • test

    this is quite common with Samsung SW updates

  • Prithvi

    The aftermath of buying a Samsung product …!!

  • Oonie1118

    even during the ics update of Note this was an issue.Don’t know what samsung is up to. :/