Asus Memo Pad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311

memo_pad_vs_galaxy_tab_2_311Asus has launched its Memo Pad budget tablet in the Indian market today. Priced at INR 9,999, the tablet will be competing with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311, which currently retails for INR 12,599. Both the tablets are powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and only offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, others features of the tablet aren’t so similar, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 311 has some obvious advantages over Asus Memo Pad like processing power and presence of rear camera. But, then Asus Memo Pad is about INR 2.5K cheaper than Samsung tablet and will most probably be getting future Android updates, as revealed by the company at the launch event.

We are not sure how long the company plans to provide Android updates to Memo Pad, but at least we can be sure about Android 4.2 update.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 311 also provides more internal storage and is thinner/lighter than Asus Memo Pad, however during our brief usage, we found Memo Pad build quality to be slightly better than Galaxy Tab 2 311.

Now, you will have to decide whether you want to spend INR 12,599 and buy Galaxy Tab 2 311 and have better processing power, which matter a lot in daily usage or you are fine with the single core processor  as you really use tablets that much and would not like to spend more than INR 10K at a tablet.

Here is a look at the specs comparison of both the tablets:

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  • Mohan

    Good Comparison! Asus had a great opportunity to become a tablet leader in India by launching it’s Nexus 7. But it missed that huge chance. Even now, Asus has underestimated our market and have launched this, which can compete only with the likes of MMX and other Chinese rebranded stuff. Obviously, Samsung will have a clear lead as it offers more for what it costs. No wonder, it’s the Android leader in India as it shows no discrimination to any market.