Microsoft’s manager of WP Joe Belfiore tweets from Android

Looks like Microsoft’s manager of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore is dabbling with Android these days. One of his tweets was spotted to be have been made via Twitter for Android.

Nothing wrong there! But it is certainly funny 😛

He is apparently praising Nokia Lumia 620 for being the best budget smartphone in this tweet and he has even brought back one unit of 620 from Nokia head office. But despite all that, he is not tweeting from that phone but Android.

What are your thoughts folks?


  • Mohan

    After reading this article, I checked the reviews for Twitter’s WP version and 90% of them have claimed it’s super buggy, super laggy and crash quite often. Obviously this is not the fault of Twitter but the OS itself. This explains why Joe is using Twitter for Android 🙂

  • Prithvi

    A BMW Plant Manager is free to own and drive a Porsche .. !! Besides it’s good to get a hands-on experience of your competitor’s products.

  • kartik nada

    It is just a part of his research ..he is using anfroid for thr betterment of windows phone in future..

  • A person is independent, no matter for what is he’s working for or who’s his competitor. In personal or professional life, he can either taste Windows Phone or either Android or both, nothing matters 😉