Manually update Micromax A116 Canvas HD to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean [How To]


As we reported yesterday, the Android 4.2 update for Micromax A116 Canvas HD is now available via the company service centers.  However, if you don’t want to go to a service center and want to update the phone yourself, we have some good news for you.Micromax A116 Canvas HD

We now have got hold of the Android 4.2 firmware file for Micromax A116, using which you can easily update your A116 Canvas HD smartphone to Android 4.2.1.

Before you go any further, the usual disclaimers apply, if you haven’t done this before, you are better off visiting a service center and getting your phone updated by them. We are not responsible for any harm that might or might not come to your phone as a part of this update.

So, first you need to download the Android 4.2 update file for A116 from this link or this link. Make sure the whole 362MB file has been downloaded.

Now, download the flash tool from here and drivers from here.

  • Install the drivers
  • Unzip the flash tool and the firmware files to separate folders on your PC
  • Open flash_tool application from the folder where you have unzipped the flash tool.
  • Click on scatter-loading and select the scatter loading file from the unzipped firmware file.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Jelly Bean update guide

  • Now, switch off your A116 Canvas HD and keep it switched off.
  • Then, go to options in the menu of flash tool and select USB mode.
  • After enabling USB mode, go to options again and go to DA Download All under the USB mode click on speed and then click High Speed.
  • Now, Go to the Firmware > Upgrade option, click on it then Flash tool will look for your phone.
  • NOW, connect your A116 Canvas HD (in switched off state) to your PC. The Flash Tool will start the flashing of your phone and this process can be seen by a colour progress bar present at the bottom of the Flash Tool.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Jelly Bean update guide

  • A green ring will be displayed once the process is complete.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Jelly Bean update guide

  • Disconnect your phone and remove the battery once and put it again
  • Now, switch on your phone and there will be a TP update your phone, do not touch the display during this update. Once finished, you are good to go.
  • Your phone is now running on Android 4.2.1. Enjoy. Do let us know about the experience in the comments section.

Also, help out other users in comments, who might be having problems with the update.

Firmware file via

Post Author: Gaurav Shukla

Gaurav Shukla is the editor of If you'd like to reach him, drop an email at '[email protected]' or connect with him on Twitter (@gauravshukla).
  • Satyendra Kohli

    my issue is reagrding common Apps like flipkart .amazon or ola Uber etc .. all these Apps after installation does not launch if i clik the shortcut ont the home screen . .display screen just falshes and goes back to home screen
    . happening with most of the Apps .. even default browser is also not loading. .. any suggestions

  • kunal salokhe

    my canvas hd not connect to sp flash tool please tell me how to connect my mobile

  • ritesha

    yes not installllllllllllllllll

  • ajeet

    tp not run after intall 4.2

  • rahul

    guys ..dont try this … you will end up sending your phone to service centre .. touch panel will not work after the update and there is no solution so far

  • Aga Mohammad Amin

    Dear gaurav i couldnt complete the TP update process as i thought for a while that phone is not responding so i make an illegal shutdown by removing the battery of my phone…… so could u pls tell me what should i do now????

  • Aasaimiran

    my problem was the screen goes black blank and hangoff while calling someone not able to operate phone while talking

  • ankush

    dude you used windows 8 or windows 7 pc?

  • Darshankumar Bhatia

    Nice Blog …I upgraded MXHD 116 to 4.21. with Zero issues. This is first time i tried ….happy to enjoy new features.

  • Anik Rai

    [Urgent] Help Needed

    TP Upgrade Failed.

    Now i am not able to touch my screen, not even i can switch phone off as touch screen is not responding.

    I thought of starting the process from begining but now i am stuck on welcome screen. As i cant click on screen i wont be able to move ahead.

    Any suggestions?

    • Guest

      I am replying to my own answer

      I connected keyboard to my phone and i found that the android OS has been upgraded to 4.2.1. However my touch panel is not working. After doing research on same i found that due to TPUPGRADE process failure the factory firmware for touch panel was erased but the process has failed before burning the new firmware for touch panel.So even if i try reflashing the firmware or installing the factory (4.1) firmware the problem will persist because TPUPGRADE process will not start.

      In other words, i have screwed my phone touch panel.

      I am still researching but any help will be appreciated

  • akshay

    Its taking too much tym…is it normal???

  • Rishi Sethi

    Temporary (almost there ) solution for screen flickering i somehow found.
    Go in developer options, and click “disable hardware overlays” under the drawing section.
    This will fix the flickering!! The problem is with android 4.2.x, the OS gets confused and can’t decide if the CPU or the GPU should be drawing the screen, so it flickers do to it switching between the CPU and GPU real fast…

  • chnk1988

    update file for A116 from links are not working

  • Harsh

    Will i be able to update it to android 4.3 through OTA updates after flashing this ROM? Pls reply fast


      Yes you can update 4.3 through OTA because it has the official firmware

  • chaitanya

    hi i use micromax canvas hd a116. my phone showing internal memory full. inspite of default storage on external sd card. what to do

  • vijay

    if i connect the cable to the system the phone gets charging instead of detecting pls help what to do??????????

    • siva

      did u find the solution?

  • vijay

    after installing msxml6 if i give firmware upgrade it is running upto 23% only after that its telling that please select correct target as mt3589 what to do? any one help?

  • rajeev

    i upgraded my phone succesfully to 4.2.1 but the tp upgrade u said haven’t took place , that becoz of any error….or is it ok?…. pls reply

  • mani kandan

    after many attempts i finally updated micromax canvas hd to 4.2.1
    the problems i faced were,
    1.msmxl6 not found.
    2.after 4s an error message saying that the source is inconsitent.
    installed msmxl6 file,downloaded it from the microsoft website.
    the flashtool has been updated google for the latest one and you are good to go.

  • vijay

    any one tell i should install all the three folders in single folder or separate folder each please guide me i am waiting…..

    • mani kandan

      better install it one folder.

  • vijay

    after installing all the three files and if press the scatter loading file its ask for the scatter file if i press the button and press the mmc file it asks for the msxmsl6 to be loaded plese help how to solve the problem

    • mani kandan

      download the required file from ms website according to your system configuration.

  • Ajay

    I would like to thank Developers of ROM SamHD V3.5 and starkHD for the rom. I have succussfully upgraded to 4.2.1. What I would like to know is most of the people are talking about TP upgrade but I have not seen any I have installed SAMHD first then used it for a couple of days then switched to Stark HD by Abhishek.

    I find both are good one but I kept Stark HD as it has over the air update facelity also the phone model Identity remains intact, however in SAM HD I found the phone model changed.

    Some of the xposed apk I have taken from SAMHD to Stark HD like Xprivacy.

    FM radio, Icon themer, etc.

    The icon themer when transfered to Stark have a parsing error could not be installed. Camera resolution is less compared to SAM HD. I would like to ask Abhishek if they can provide a combination of both ROM’s best features into one.

    Also why TP upgarde didnot happen in my device. No complains however.

    Thanks once again to both of them.

  • rajesh khatri

    I Have Full Solution , Canvas HD a116 now 4.2.1 ,My external now use App and games 32 GB get Support call 09408418868 , Really Work ,

  • Bhuvan

    i guess the “SCREEN BLINKING ISSUE” or “SCREEN FLASHING ISSUE” is a bug in the firmware itself coz i updated my phone and downgraded and again got it updated from mmx service center but still i have the issue…
    IF any of you found a solution please be generous and share it…

    • experot

      I also upgraded with the same way but used firmware as shown in video on youtube but I don’t have any issue…but I am not able root my phone as I’ve done before….:)

      • experot

        I did it…I downloaded update for superSU and install using CWM and it’s done…my phone is rooted again…

      • Raju

        Can you post the youtube link?
        I got mine updated from authorized Service center, but even then my display is flickering. I tried upgrading myself, still same problem.

        Its very frustrating, can any1 give any solution for this?

    • vikas

      i have solution call me on 9987880842 (Vikas)

      • Rameet

        same problem afta using sp tools 3.13

    • Maha

      I took to service center for upgrade and I too had the same issue. Now my phone is with them to resolve this issue

    • Datta

      How you downgraded to 4.1. I am facing same issues. Please give detailed steps for downgrading to 4.1

  • Ranjan

    Still screen blinking issue. Read and tried everything possible under the sun..but alas….Official update still not available in Goa. It is so very disappointing. IT WOULD BE HELPFUL IF PEOPLE FACING SIMILAR PROBLEM START A SEPARATE THREAD.

  • DIY: How to upgrade official Android 4.2.1 on Micromax Canvas HD A116: via @YouTube

  • vishal

    Amazing guide….the only problem faced was the driver in win7. rest all went smoothly…..dont touch the screen even if it asks for confirmation…….Thanks a lot to the team for helping us all out.

    • I did in xp

      • vysh


    • Harish

      AM still facing issues with drivers.. can you let me know how did u resolve in Win7.. pls

  • TEJ

    Can we move apps to external SD after this update?

  • how to downgrade to its older version of stock rom of micromax to get warranty back?

  • CRK

    If we update the handset with the above files, in future can we go to
    service centre for future update or can we update tthrough OTA?

  • CRK

    If we update the handset with the above files, in future can we go to service centre for future update or can we update tthrough OTA?

  • Rohan

    anybody notice the photos clicked by the camera are above 2MB

  • Hardik

    If anybody comes across with the fix for the screen continuously flashing issue, could you please tell me.. Thanks.

  • Rohan

    if you want to root 4.2.1, install recovery like you did for 4.1. Download the superuser files(files to be copied in the phone) from the link given here

  • zakir khan

    Developer > usb debugging not showing

    • Rohan

      system setting>about phone>tap “build number” 6 to 7 times

      • zakir khan

        thnx now i hav otr problem Google ply store show’g continue download ofter that “error 495”

        • Rohan

          wait for some time (probably 20-30 mins if you have a slow connection). Your playstore might be updating. Happened to me too

      • CRK

        Thanks for your reply. I was searching for this option since y’day.

    • Neethan

      Go to About phone -> tab on build number seven time then will see devloper 😀

  • zakir khan

    i also want root my HD116 plz send link also

  • zakir khan

    ha ha ha funny or scary i dont know but TB running 20 min ,one popup come dont touch scree and down is “OK” so i just want conform tht OK but tht also not clik ha ha aha

    • Ranjan

      You have already done the mistake by touching that OK . you should not have touched the screen at all… follow the procedure agaian

      • CRK

        I waited sometine after TB started running, then touched OK button and the screen gone. Then I touched on-button after 30 minutes, it started without any problem.

  • Karan

    I mail Micromax and reply from them!
    Dear Valued Customer,


    Thank you for your Email, we would like to inform you that you will get the updated software version Jelly Bean for A116 from Monday onwards at your nearest service centre . For service center details request you to log on to – .


    For any further Assistance you can log onto our website and contact us on customer care number:011-44770044


    Assuring you with best of our services and we value your association with us.



    Thanks & Regards,



    • Ranjan

      Great.. It is worth waiting I tried upgrading by myself and I had screen flickering issues so I downgraded

      • Rohan

        I think you should wait for the service centers to get the update. Its running great on mine.

      • how you downgraded?

  • zakir khan

    >>>>>>HELP ME<<<<<<<<<
    Hi my HD 116 is rooted and i also swap memory card "internal to external and external to internal (thru ES explorer For BiG GAME)"….so plz tell me just update OR go back to unroot and default memory …plz help

    • Rohan

      no need to unroot, no need to change the swapped memory. I did the same, flashed without any problems

  • Jai

    Do i need to Root the Phone before updating my phone to the latest Firmware ?

    • Ranjan

      No need. I am sure about it

  • Neethan

    All are done, very smoothing, tks for help.
    little problem -> how can connect with MTK android PC tool?
    haven’t development options.. pls help me

    • Ranjan

      @Neethan any changes in screen resolution ? What about battery ? I had to downgrade as my screen started flickering after the update.

      • Neethan

        yes screen is resolution improved.
        but now did not work MMS. otherwise all r good..

  • Karan

    my phone recognize but after 4 seconds its get error:the load anddownload are inconstistant!!
    please help!!!!

    • sara

      Hi download the latest SP Flash tool v3.1304.0.11.It will solve the problem.Just google it.

  • Dhruv

    How long does the TP upgrade take? I kept it like that for 10 mins and it still didnt upgrade… didnt touch screen or anything.

    Im flashing again.. but how much time does it take roughly?

    • Mohan

      Not more than 2mins i guess

    • Rohan

      try this, hold your volume+ button as soon as you connect your phone when the flash tool starts searching

  • Prasanna

    How long does the TP upgrade take ?its been 15 minutes on my device.

    • Abhishek Kumar Singh (@aksingh96)

      Dear admin please you should have also mentioned that flashing with sp tools will also void warranty of this device read this for more

  • Yash

    thank you for the tutorial. It is working just fine. But, after firmware update how do I root my device? After rooting with the general process, on using root checker it says ‘ Device does not have proper root access. ‘
    please help me with this issue. it would me extremely helpful.

    • Rohan

      Its not yet been rooted. Gotta wait for a few days or weeks

    • Abhishek Kumar Singh (@aksingh96)

      Because now you cannot root on this upgrade

  • Ranjan

    Hi All
    My phone is continuously blinking after the update. I tried factory reset and tried to flash again… it all seems to happen properly but the blinking remains. PLS HELP… JUST CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT WENT WRONG

    • Rohan

      Is your brightness set to “auto” ?
      turn that off, i think its a software bug. They should fix it in the next OTA update

      • Ranjan

        Dear Rohan

        Brightness is not auto.. any other solution? The phone is working perfectly expect for blinking… it is terrible

        • Ranjan


          I tried everything and now very much disappointed as the phone is still blinking regularly..once per second… WHAT SHOULD I DO

          • Mohan

            Revert back to 4.1 using same method. I didn’t have screen blink issues but there was a dead line(horizontal and vertical) that came up on screen when i updated. Also the all the lighter elements had lighted dots on it.

          • Ranjan

            can you please share the link from where I can get the old ROM

          • Mohan
          • Ranjan

            Hi All


          • shivam tiwari

            hey can you give me older version link. i am facing the same problem …. plz help

    • asit

      plzz inform if ur problem is solved i hav also same prob…

      • Ranjan

        nope I am trying all possible methods though. Keep on updating about your status as well.

      • Ranjan


        Downgrade to 4.1 and things will disappear. I upgraded once, blinking problem then downgraded problem solved, again upgraded, same blinking problem. I finally downgraded to 4.1 Astonishingly all programs were working, I could make and receive calls using the handset, could take pictures, touch screen was working butter smooth. I guess there was a small flaw needs to be fixed and that is the reason why Micromax has not yet officially released it. Anyways I hope I would get 4.2 soon

        • Raju

          I got my Canvas HD upgraded to Jelly Bean from authorized service centre, but after upgrade the display started flickering(display goes on and off every 2 seconds). Hence, service centre reverted back to old 4.1.2.

          I see above few people have faced same issue, does any1 got it solved?

          Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

          Is there any other update available which will solve this issue?

        • Neethan

          how can go to 4.1?

      • ghanshyam

        hi i faced same problem …. did u find any solution for this .

      • Bhuvan

        yup i have the same problem i have kept screen brightness to max it doesn’t blink at higher brightness and i have no clue how to resolve the problem

  • viraj

    does this support OTA updates as micromax promised

  • vivek


    Pls used this updated flash tool as per below mention link which updated one and this is resolved my problem of not detection of driver.

  • sid

    pls help me guys…..

    i followed all steps perfectly…..My canvas A116 upgraded to 4.2.1 jelly bean but my screen is continuously blinking….

    After scatter loading when i restarted my Mobile …Screen starts constiniously blinking..
    Ryt now my phone is working perfectly but screen is continious blinking.

    Previously My canvas A116 was rooted also…

    Pls help me guys…pls pls pls…

    • Ranjan

      I am also facing the same problem
      What is to be done….very urgent….any clue????anyone???

  • Rohan
  • Rohan

    will the rooting files for previous version work on this one?

  • Rohan

    couple of important instructions the uploader hasn’t mentioned:
    -your battery should be above 80% else the flash process won’t finish
    -you need to remove the battery, SIM and SD card before you connect your phone
    (yes, the battery as well)

    • Satish

      Hey, why should the battery be above 80% when we won’t have to put the battery at all??? Sorry, I didn’t get it…

      Did I miss anything here??

      • Rohan

        I dont know why its so, the rooting procedure for 4.1.1 required the battery to be removed, i thought its the same for firmware update but its not; no need to remove the battery rest all SIM and SD card must be removed.

    • vivek

      hi rohan pls confirm that removal of battery ,sim and sd card at the time firmware upgrade option through flash tool.

    • Rohan

      i’m sorry, you don’t need to remove the battery. I successfully flashed the update. Thanks for the upload, you saved me hours 😀

  • Sanath

    can anybody tell the reason..why the phone is not getting detected.. most of them are facing same problem.. i have installed drivers.. im using windows 7 x64 bit.

    • Rohan

      install the right drivers according to configuation of your PC and make sure your battery is above 80% else the phone won’t be detected

      • Sanath

        Thank u. Drivers was the problem. Please install drivers properly.

        Follow this procedure to install drivers: Remove battery, SD and SIM’s and connect phone to PC. PC will detect a new hardware and u can download and install the drivers using the below link:

        Once drivers are installed . You may follow the above procedure. Remeber to put Battery prior to installing the update.

  • Gagan Ghorawat

    Can u plz let ne knw the exact service center in delhi,from where i can get my phn updated to 4.2

    • Rohan

      all the official service centres will have the update. Apparentely its not available yet. Wait for few more days then contact your preferable service centre

  • Akshay

    guys i did the process and after my phone started it was showing TP update and i touched the phone screen and now the phones touch is not detecting what should i do please help

    • Abhishek Kumar Singh (@aksingh96)

      May be you did something wrong

      • Akshay

        ya but now what should i do

        • Akshay

          i m stuck on the welcome screeen because i have to select the language but the touch is not working

          • Bhavesh Bhide

            me too having the same problem please help!!
            Touch & soft keys are not responding at all!
            what to do now?

    • Rohan

      @akshay i suggest you install the update again and this time don’t touch while the TP update is running

  • BJ

    please upload a video. or atleast a step by step guide ….i was gona brick my device with the above tut…got saved…..upload a step by step guide soon thanks

    • Abhishek Kumar Singh (@aksingh96)

      Will upload video on Friday because I’m not having this device with me its my sister’s and she will return on Friday so wait till then

  • Sweety

    Can i install this android release onto my Canvas 2 (A110)? If not, Please let me know if there is any such update for my phone. Thanks.

    • Abhishek Kumar Singh (@aksingh96)

      No you cannot do so click here to upgrade it on Android 4.1.1

      • Sweety

        click where?? please provide a link.

      • Akshay

        i did the process and after my phone started it was showing TP update and i touched the phone screen and now the phones touch is not detecting what should i do please help

    • Abhishek Kumar Singh (@aksingh96)
  • Abhishek Kumar Singh (@aksingh96)

    Will guide u all with video soon keep following and stay connect me on twitter @aksingh96

  • Harry

    Not detecting the phone in Win XP, are there any drivers?

  • When I go to firmware -> upgrade and connect my canvas 116, nothing happens, plz heip what should i do

  • Jobin

    its great …

  • mohan

    Same Issue. Phone is not recognized by Flash tools and it keeps searching. Followed the exact procedure but CHD not updating

    Note: I have experience in rooting and installing CWM in Galaxy S and changed rom to cynogenMOD

  • dev

    hello gaurav you rock… its wonderfull stuff jst updated my phone with your guide nd my canvas is on roller coster ride .. thanks a ton.. 🙂

    • Harry

      @dev: How you update?

  • jj

    not working in windows 7

    • saurabh

      i m also having window 7 in my laptop .it searches the phone but never found i dont know wats wrong with that,i think we should root the phone before doing this firmware upgrade..

  • Shiva singh

    When I go to firmware -> upgrade and connect my canvas 116, nothing happens, as the status bar doesn’t move at all.
    What to do next?

    • saurabh

      same thing is happened with me .i think the phone should be rooted first .what do u say shiva.i am having unrooted phone and i am trying to do this with my window 7

  • asit

    when i pluged my usb in phone the flash tool keeps on searching and nothing happens ppllzz help…

  • Aditya

    I cannot download the android 4.2 file. it stops in 100 mb please give me another download link

  • t2jim2003

    is this update working on rooted micromax A116 or i need to unroot and flash it..

  • Rohan

    Is this the official version or a custom ROM with 4.2?
    Will the root method for previous version work on this?

  • Rohan

    Is this the official version or a Custom ROM with 4.2?

  • gagan

    After upgrading to 4.2, how to root the phone


    I HAVE DOWNLOADED The Android 4.2 update file for A116 From the given Link (2nd Link)
    But After extracting The huge File What i got was only 32 MB With 2 Errors ! 1.C:\Users\Danish\Desktop\UPDATE\S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_09_FLASHER_USER.rar: The file “???” header is corrupt
    2.! C:\Users\Danish\Desktop\UPDATE\S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_09_FLASHER_USER.rar: CRC failed in S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_09_FLASHER_USER\S9201_4.2_MP_F3F8_B1_IN_MMX_09_FLASHER_USER\system.img. The file is corrupt

    • @Danish The file must not have been fully downloaded. Is the downloaded file 362MB?

      • DANISH

        yes bro its 362MB Downloaded with Idm took 5 mins

  • AJ

    There is another update in this
    you can now install APPS to external memory 😀

    • arjun

      Its working all fine u should know how to use the flash tool
      its good good colour reproduction and gps fix is okay not that great accuracy
      imp of all is the OTA update for further android updates so go for it its actually easy it will exactly take 5 min to do it…

    • Swasti

      I can’t see that option. Can you post where to look for?