CyanogenMod teases Nemesis, what is coming?

CyanogenMod team has released a video teaser of something upcoming called Nemesis. Nothing is known about this mysterious something new right now, but there have been a lot of theories.

Some suggest that CynogenMod team might have partnered with a manufacturer or telecom operator to pre-install CyanogenMod on a new device or CyanogenMod team might be planning to release a forked Android version of its own.  This popular modder team could also be working on a Facebook home like Android launcher, which brings great new features but all these are just guesses right now.

What do you guys think? Drop in your theories in the comments.

  • Ahmed Faiz

    will wait for it, teases like this always get a hype for it for no reason! just waste of time thinking about it. i am lost in the fluid and futuristic user experience on paranoid android for more than 7 months now on nexus4 just addicted to it. if its a great feature i am sure i will see a merge of it on AOSPA also.

  • Definitely CM was my first Rom I ever flashed on my Nexus one. It was basically what started the ever growing custom roms. I also would like to come back to it. I’d like to flash it on my s4

  • doctorjee

    perhaps some lockscreen feature utilizing google now like features

  • Arpit

    I hope its good enough to make me want to switch to cm again i just love paranoid android