"Find Starbucks" Android app gets smarter with Skyhook integration

Today “Find Starbucks” announced partnership with Skyhook Wireless to improve its search results by finding the exact location of Android user. Find Starbucks locates Starbucks coffee shops nearest to the user.

Full Press Release:

Skyhook Wireless®, provider of the patented Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) and the hybrid positioning system XPS, today announced a partnership with Android LBS app Find Starbucks.

Find Starbucks is a simple location search app that finds Starbucks coffee shops nearest to the user. The app was released in early June and already has over 3,000 users. Find Starbucks is an example of a simple location-based app, popular because it serves a large demand of smartphone users: fulfilling their daily coffee fix.

“My application has the ability to provide driving and walking directions from a user’s current location to the Starbucks stores nearby. With Skyhook I can get the exact location within a couple of seconds. This makes my application much more useful,” said Wenzong Tang, developer of the app.

“Find Starbucks in an example of an app that completely revolves around location, and therefore needs the fastest and most accurate location available. Skyhook ensures that users of the app can quickly locate nearby coffee,” said Kate Imbach, director of marketing at Skyhook Wireless.

Find Starbucks can be downloaded for free today in the Android Marketplace.

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