Ziilabs' Android Phone coming soon?

Are ZiiLABS ready to unveil 1 GHz Android powered phone?

Thats the question we are asking ourselves since we have seen this invite which has been sent to press for an event of an product announcement.

As Androidandme says:

ZiiLabs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology that has been trying to push their ZiiEGG device to OEMs. The first device had some impressive specs, but it never really caught on. Creative was hoping some company would pick up the device and bring it to retail which never happened.

All is not lost because ZiiLabs has been hard at work and updated their StemCell processor. The new ZMS-08 is an ARM Cortex A8 processor clocked at 1 GHz. That is the same architecture found in the Droid (OMAP3430) and upcoming Snapdragon based devices.

Highlights of the ZMS-08 processor

* Blu-ray Quality 1080p H.264 Video Decode
* 1080p H.264 Video Encode
* 720p H.264 Video Conferencing
* Accelerated OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0
* Xtreme Fidelity X-Fi Audio Technology
* Multi Format Media CODECs
* ARM Cortex-A8 at 1GHz
* Accelerated Graphics and Compositing
* Advanced Image Signal Processing
* Rich Peripheral Integration & Connectivity

This product invite also states:

A range of OEM-ready Zii Powered devices will be showcased – powered by ZiiLABS ZMS-05 and ZMS-08 media-rich application processors. The line-up of devices on display include: a Touch Tablet PC, a Netbook, a Web-Box, a 360o Multi-View Camera System, ultra high-performance Speakers, a Piano Keyboard for the PC, and a Portable e-Book Reader. But the highlight of our devices line-up is our Mobile Phone platform. ZiiLABS ushers in a new era of explosive high definition 3D with the Zii Optimized Android Phone platform. The Zii Optimized Android Phone platform gives developers the chance to use the familiar Android OS, but with a difference. Harnessing StemCell Computing Technology found on the ZMS-05 Media Rich Processor, Android is now super-charged with seamless 3D graphics and High Definition video playback performance.

* Phone with Fully featured Android Platform
* OpenGL ES 3D graphics
* 1080p HD video output
* Accelerated video, graphic and imaging
* Full integration with SurfaceFlinger
* High Quality Audio
* Enhanced User Interfaces
* Image Processing
* Accelerated Web Browsing

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