Indian Government launches Aakash tablet for students

Union Ministry for Human Resource Development today officially unveiled Aakash Android tablet, which is also known as $35 tablet. This tablet has been developed and manufactured by Datawind in association with IIT Rajasthan and NME-ICT. Aakash is a totally different tablet from which was shown last year and turned out to be a Chinese device.

After several hiccups, Indian Government went back to the drawing board and has come out with a totally new device, which indeed is an indigenous product. Several features like GPRS, Camera have been dumped to bring it in the $35 price tag.

Government is buying 100,000 units on a pilot basis from the manufacturer Datawind for a price of INR2250 ($45), which will be given to post-secondary students at a lower price. Government is planning to price it at INR 1750($35).

Commercial Launch:

As we have already reported, Datawind will also be releasing the tablet commercially for retail consumers with added benefits like cellular connectivity and will be sold for INR2,999. The retails sales will start in November as Datawind Ubislate.


Aakash will come with 366MHz processor, 7 inch resistive display, 256MB RAM, 2GB internal memory, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and WiFi. Retail version Ubislate will have added GPRS.

Post Author: Gaurav Shukla

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  • Ahire Madhukar

    Good looking & Best Advantages…….


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    like this

  • yeswanth

    i think its use comes into action when it is available to the students.but it’s not happening in andra.even most of the students dont kniw about it’s release in the market and govt is not taking proper interest in its availability.i’m the btech student need of it.but don’t know where i can get it.if anybody know about its availabilaity please post ur comment……….

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    very good for student

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    Its realy very good to have it … from where and how can i buy it from rajasthan … i ll be waiting for your reply on my mail or you can call me on 9571538585

  • sainadh.g

    can u plz send me the akash2 link to buy the tablet and what is the process to buy a akash tablet

  • can u tell me how to buy new aakash2 tablet for students of 8th class

  • ravi nagar

    Sir ya kab tak government school m aaya ga

  • Subhayan Sett

    I’m a college student….. But our college is govt. undertakeing……. I want but the tablate….. So can i give the consation…??? And what is the market price of the tablate…..???? Plz reply…

  • sir, how to buy tablet for student so plz inform my email id.9428488919 call me this no.

    • gudmarani

      Gud maranir Ghi Laoura Tablet Libi ….

      Tor Gare Modhye Tablet Dukabo Re Bapvatari …..
      Laoura tor Puli Guli Mari …..

  • BHAI AA TABLET KYARE AVSE???????????????????

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    Very good for student i will pur. aakash tablet it thanks you..


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    when its come in amritsar

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    Very good for student i will pur. aakash tablet it thanks you..

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    it”s very good for student, i will purchase it.thanks, dear sir

  • Its realy very good to have it … from where and how can i buy it from delhi … i ll be waiting for your reply on my mail or you can call me on +91-9041422962 —– +91-9465633965 after 4 .00 pm

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    when akkash tablet pc deliver to students sir

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    I am living in Rajkot(Gujarat,india), Can you please tell me from where i can buy this tablet.???

  • Mujahid

    it is of no use just buy it and throw it in scrap by wasting money

  • Abid

    This tablet will be have a great history in India as well across the world. Tt will bring a computing revolution in India and everybdy will have it. Just the Indian govt have to support it with the ambition to bring India at 1st place in the world.

  • Sameer

    Dear, sir
    i want information fo this tab, plezz sir why not use for this tablet on camera
    so plezz sir give me reply

    ur tablet fan

  • Sameer

    Dear, sir
    i want information fo this tab, plezz sir why ur not use for this tablet in camera
    so plezz sir give me reply

  • Its like a new start for Indian Student who is not having enough money to pay for Net conn.

    Puneet sharma

  • junadmakrani

    I wanna buy 2 aakash tablet but m not student then how i buy aakash tamplet

  • The opinion

    Good job, indian govt!
    Pretty good for the mentioned price, i would say. Ill bet my money students from all over the nation are gonna go gaga over the tablet. I hope that by next year when the prices of android phones come down (expecting.. :)) a newer version with better processor will be out.
    To guys who feel this is not worth it, go for the other options available in the market, ppl! Its an open world!

  • Rupendra V

    It’s complete waste of money. Not Recommended to buy.

    The Resistive Touch makes it even worse.

    with no 3G support, most video files are not supported .

  • Rishav

    I am living in Chandigarh, Can you please tell me from where i can buy this tablet.???

  • amey desai

    hi… its a very good news… & i really proud for that indian technology & govt. as well!
    Well… where will get it? they haven’t provided that information anywhere!!! please let me know if any one gotta know about the ssame!!

  • rahul rocks

    vry xcited 2 buy it………..:):)
    bt it dnt hav camera:(:( nd its olso resistiv touch……:(:(

  • harsh suyal

    looks amazing!!!!!!i want to buy it….couid u plz tel me the place where i can get it…???



  • baljinder

    dear sir,i am student of BA IST YEAR in patiala plzz sir tell how to buy a aakash tablet.he is very amazing…

  • baahu

    Good job…yes it is resistive, and yes it is show processor…but finally this is targeted for students….so let’s not be too critical about it…

  • Niyog Ray

    Hey guys, Indian govt has released this tablet for those students who cannot afford current tablets. At all.

    Imagine yourself in such a situation; this tablet is a boon.

    Anyone can manage with a resistive display, and a slow processor, if it can get the job done. Not everyone requires Angry Birds to work smoothly on an educational tablet.

    And as displayed, it is smooth enough, even with a 366 MHz processor. Proof enough to get anyone excited.

    And, the USB port should allow any attached phone to provide GPRS. Which people did not so long ago (and some still do) with their laptops.

    Cheers again. Proud to be an Indian.

  • abhi srivastava

    an android with 366 mhz processor is scrappy enough but to add to insult a resistive touch screen…so the tablet is not only slow but also u have trouble using the touch as well. no gprs but wi-fi as if we have that available everywhere. Govt took a positive step but dun try to be cheap…we can do much better with it…if we are showing how cheap tablets we can build then bravo we got that award but now build something that our student could/should use. I remember my android phone with capacitive touch, android 2.2 (froyo) and 670mhz processor was still scrappy sometimes after use.

    Now we need something better c’mon

  • fine we promote you

  • sushrut sonkusale

    What a scrap is this! A 366mhz processor,Is it a joke? Not useful at all.

  • Mosinkhan K Mansuri

    itz new occation comes with new vibrant, PROUD TO BE INDIAN
    and SALUTE TO KAPILE SIBBAL, i check myself thz product n im supprise with it, itz really so helpfull n itz in cheapest cost i hope we all accept thz product and made new apex in IT fieald also….

  • good news for the indian students who don’t have computers and Internet connection.. will have now……..

    • shuvendu shekhar

      Nice tablet & nice display resolution aakash tablet……..