Samsung to launch 3D Android phones next year, Galaxy S3 to feature quad-core processor

Samsung is planning to launch 3D Android smartphones next year. Company is actively working on the next generation of 3D technology to integrate in these smartphones, they won’t just provide 3D display, but will also help you play 3D games, record 3D movies and work with 3D TVs.

Apart from these new 3D devices, Samsung might also include the technology in Galaxy S III. According to ETnews, it is however not final till now whether Galaxy S3 will come with 3D or not, but in order to procure 3D components at a major level, Samsung would need six months and that would delay the S3 launch.  Thus Galaxy S 3D (tentative name) might be company’s first 3D Android phone, which is expected to launch in Q2, 2012.

Korean publication further stated that Galaxy S III announcement is currently scheduled for Mobile World Congress with availability in April. S3 is expected to feature a quad core processor; but there is no word on other specifications, which we suspect would include Android 4.0 and at least 4.5 inch display.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung to launch 3D Android phones next year, Galaxy S3 to feature quad-core processor

    james braselton

    (April 7, 2012 - 10:14 pm)

    hi there yeah my contract will be up next year sence i just bought my 3d lg thrill last crhistmas i am spoiled by 3d technolgies will never go back too 2d


    (December 24, 2011 - 9:59 pm)

    Its funny about Galaxy S3 in 2012. It will launch in Spring 2012 for the world outside the United States and then release 6 months in the United States due to the usual interference from cell providers.

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