Toshiba’s upcoming Tegra 3 tablet spotted?

A benchmark listing on AnTuTu’s website has revealed an upcoming Toshiba Android tablet that might be powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor. Listing is under the name of “Tostab06”, which is in-line with the naming trend followed by other Toshiba tablets.

  • 10.1 inch Toshiba AT100 (AT300 for Japan) – “Tostab03”
  • 7 inch Toshiba AT1S0 (AT3S0 for Japan) – “Tostab04”
  • Toshiba AT200 (AT700 for Japan) – “Tostab05

While the listing does not explicitly mention Tegra 3 but the processor clock frequency (1400MHz) and benchmarks results lineup with Transformer Prime results, which is running on Tegra 3, in turn making us believe that Tostab06 might be running on NVIDIA’a quad core processor.

There are no other details available right now, but we might see it at CES next month.


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