Qualcomm’s Tegra Zone competitor Snapdragon GameCommand to launch at CES

Qualcomm has announced that Snapdragon GameCommand will be released in Android Market on January 10, which is the opening day of CES. Snapdragon GameCommand is Qualcomm’s version of NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone; it will allow Android users with devices powered by Snapdragon processor to discover and access the latest Snapdragon optimized games.

According to Qualcomm, Snapdragon GamePack includes several titles exclusively available on Snapdragon devices running on Android for a limited time, including “Fight Game Heroes” from Khaeon Gamestudio, “Bunny Maze 3D” from Eyelead Software and “Desert Winds” from Southend Interactive.

“With mobile gaming proliferating at a blistering pace, apps like Snapdragon GameCommand make it easy for consumers to discover and access the most advanced Snapdragon optimized games.”

Dave Durnil, director of advanced gaming at Qualcomm.

There is a catch, Snapdragon GameCommand is expected to be available only in North America at launch and will be available in other markets at a later date.

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