Google to launch ‘Smart Glasses’ this year?

NYTimes today published a story detailing how its sources state that Google will launch augmented –reality (AR) glasses by the end of this year.  We have been hearing about these glasses for quite-some time now. While, there is no way to have a direct confirmation about this project but it is certainly feasible with today’s technology.

According to NYT report, these smart glasses will be Android powered and come with a small display that will be used to stream information to the wearer’s eyeballs in real time. Glasses will come with 3G/4G connection to get the data from any place along with a number of sensors to help with refining of the data. They will also come with a low-res camera to capture the surrounding in real-time and help in over-laying info, similar to what we do with AR apps on our smartphones.

But everything comes for a price and Google’s smart AR glasses aren’t going to be cheap. As per the Google employees who talked to NYT suggested a pricing in line-with modern smartphones. So, you will have to shell out anywhere in between $250 to $600 for these glasses.

Google Glasses are part of company’s secret X lab and is much like an experiment and Google is not looking as these as potential revenue generation opportunity and if these become successful then this strategy might change.

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