Are you experiencing issues downloading from the Google Play Store?

We’re not quite sure what to make of this just yet, as the issue just began happening, but it seems as though the Google Play Store is currently having technical difficulties. A little bit ago, I went to do my daily updating and kept getting a “connection timed out” error on certain apps and an “update could not be downloaded due to an error (927).

Not only is this happening on my device, but it is also happening via the browser version of the Google Play Store. I decided to take to Google+ to see if anyone else was suffering from the issue, or if it might just be the ROM I’m rocking on my tablet. Much to my dismay, many others concurred that they are also having issues. I haven’t seen much about this issue on the airwaves about this just yet, so I’m not sure if the issue is contained to just the United States (where I live), or if the issue is more widespread.

Are you having issues when trying to download or updates? Drop us a comment in the thread below to share your experiences. We’ll be sure to update this story as more information rolls in.

Stay tuned!

Post Author: Tony Simons

  • Gail Fluellen

    All of the sudden I need my password I use to sign into Google to download Play Store. I cant use my Play Store, my Gmail, Google Play Services, Google Play Music, nothing works. They won’t accept my password..??

  • Lee Mabel

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  • amit maharjan

    After i factory reset my intex aqua xtreme II , i cant install some of application i used to have previosly esp.360 antivirus security,clash of clan…whenever i tried to downnload it its start in playtore that the app is not compatible with my phone version….especially game from supercell…i need it in my phone…plz

  • Aileen Golloso

    After i factory reset my samsung core prime duos .i can’t install some of the applications i used to have .esp. my clash of clans and boom beach .whenever i download it its stated in the playstore that the app is not compatible with my phone version .when in fact i used to have them installed in my phone .

  • uma mandal

    plz help me i can’t download anything and update anything my sony xperia m2 dual..i faced the the download error (927)…plz help me…after factory reset data i faced the same problems….plz help me….

  • Jamie Del Rosario Refe

    I cant download viber on my xperia m2 aqua but other apps it can be. How can i download viber .??it always says error 194 i already clear the data and cache i also reboot the phone but still i cant download viber. Only viber . Tsk tsk

  • Aman Singhal

    I am having issues of error 905 everytime i download or update anything hiw can i fix this!!!

  • Chloe Goble

    Every time I try downloading any games or apps they won’t download due to error 194. Its the same when I try to update apps I previously downloaded from Google play. If you know how to fix this please let me know.

    • Boston Scalici

      Chloe Goble, I’m experience king the same problem with candy crush download

      • Saad

        me also

  • Avinash Goyal

    M facing similar issues when trying to download large games like mortal kombat, asphalt 8 on my MI4I phone.It errors out saying 905 error.Please let me know how to fix this.

  • Dorene

    I just began having issues. I have a moto g that’s flashed to cricket . when I hit download on google play it shows the download line but never starts to load. Please help.

    • Nick

      Same thing happened to me today.

    • Bobby

      Yeah, I too have a Moto G 2nd Gen, I was not able to play YouTube, hence uninstalled it to reinstall it. However, I was not able to install YouTube from Google Play Store. Hence, did a backup followed by a Factory Reset, hoping this would be fixed.
      Now, to my horror, can’t update or download anything from Google Play Store. Since, I did a factory reset, I do no have any apps, can’t download either. I have tried everything, I have even tried downloading an apk file of few of my important aps from Whatsapp.

      Anyone facing this issue?

  • Blaine Cody Hammond

    Its very irritating having every download get to 10-30% then the download slows down and fails. Doesn’t matter if its the play store or chrome. It fails. A few more will succeed if I use ES downloader, but I still can’t update since my google play store downloads freeze. Wasted unlimited data. Its infuriating. Can’t even finish downloading a 44 MB video on 3g with full bars. Makes no sense.

  • shubham

    I m using lolipop version and when i update or download anything frm play store a notification will have to appear on the top of the screen while downloading or updating a app its not showing during download..only i m not facing this prblm many people are facing same kind of problem

  • sai rohith parvatham

    When I am installing large games it’s just crashing showing that couldn’t be downloaded due to an error (905)

    • Aman Singhal

      Same here

  • Ishmael Dowdy

    I was trying to install updates to my gmail app and it won’t finish installing. I keep getting unknown error code during application install -110. When I go to the app when it’s under the factory version, It won’t load. This is ridiculous and it needs to be fixed.

  • Sharon King

    I couldn’t update candy soda crush saga so I uninstalled it and then tried to reinstall it and its telling me not enough space. I backed it up before I uninstalled it. Can someone tell me how I can reinstall this app? I really liked it.

  • Tori

    Every time I try to downLoad something it just says Error (926) or your app could not be installed in the location for install…. what’s happening I’m so frustrated!!!

  • Srinivas Rao

    I am getting downloading error while I get Whatsapp images from family and friends. How to rectify this problem

  • SBhatia

    I can’t seem to install apps via Google Play on either my mobile or laptop. I’ve been trying to download Candy Crush Soda, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. It just says it’s installing but it’s been saying that since yesterday and nothing happens.

  • AxelZodiark

    I am from india and this issue is happening to me on my latest updates of many apps from the playstore. pls help if you can. I am using asus zenfone 5.

  • lon

    I m unable to install or update any app or never starts…but my mom’s phone doesnt faces it..I m from india using grand duos

  • Jag

    Im from Philippines. I’m also facing the same problem, I am unable to update clash of clans from google playstore.

  • gina

    I can’t downloas from playstore, over a week now.

  • ind al

    Am not able to download viber due to error927

  • ? Kerusha G ?

    Hi i cant seem to install any games and my phone is 2 days old its brand new what could be the problem

  • devansh agrawal

    In my moto g apps downloads from google play but doesn’t install.What to do??

  • anusha

    How to avoid error 927 in my play store

  • vishnu

    Wat to do my play store was coming unfortunately Google play store was stopped. Wat to do i

  • Rachel Matherly

    I’m having trouble downloading apps or my updates on my Android Mobile device. A code keeps popping up as 495, what does that mean?

  • shalini

    I have same problm n which all have mentioned below plz try to fix the problem

  • Alexzander Deakin

    I have a Sony Xperia m2 can’t download anything from the playstore or install or update anything

    • Alexzander Deakin

      I also keep getting a message saying unfortunately Com.GOOGLE. GAPPS. has stopped

  • Gillian Kilroy

    I am in the UK nd same problem, whatsapp date times out, the origi Al download worked fine last year!!

  • Tina Conner

    My username is Tinba~ & i’m so Devastated this phone is my SANITY im 50 & have endured alot of having Nothing & after an unfortunate circumstance my long lived (6 yrs) flip phone (also an lg) was Rudely broke in half & this lady i don’t know she just lives dwn strs she gave me this Awsome $200 phone Is the sweetest thing ever ~ i can’t afford cable i can’t make a dime w/out craigslist & my gmail that seems to be affected also ~ I FEEL LIKE AN ANT in NEW YORK must feel like when it comes to relying on technology ~ i am Sad to Say im glad it’s not jus my whatevers CUZ LAST NEW YEARS A FRND CAME FROM ORIVILE & GOT ME MY 1st touchscreen Tablet i’ve never had mp3 & i still have issues w not being able to make pkaylists w/out computers, (cassettes) my tablet was STOLEN i only had it for 2 mo’s he even got a 4 yr B.S. Warranty that didn’t cover Lost or Stolen ~ so WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE cuz IDON’T HAVE MUCH ELSE TO LOOSE BUT MY SANITY & MY PHONE is my sanity not to mention i feel myself to be a missionary/set the record straight kinda gal, i got my boots on, guna lick my wounds & see ya’ all on the front line~ so im being right & real let me no where my Post is & im there (well someone might have to pick me up the bus system sucks) im so funny.,… hee,hee, haaa,haaaa
    ciao for now
    Peace out~ Tinba (925) 705-0315 feel free to txt me ~oh Happy New Years Folks

  • Dudley Jenkins

    Getting the 923 error message trying to get Google Earth. What the hell good is this page! All complaints…no answers! Where are the answers?

  • allen

    i am getting “Server error” msg when open play store for samsung model GT-s5300 after clear all the data and cache of play sotre app and restart !

  • Vikash Chandra

    I am unable to install /update any application from google play store in my moto g 16gb phone.Please help me to solve the above problem.I am very upset and waiting for your advise to solve the issue.

  • phemmy

    I’m using note neo and it got to a point I can’t even upload whatsapp coz it says “YOUR CONTENT-FILTERING LEVEL DOESN’T ALLOW YOU TO DOWNLOAD THIS ITEM” ?? Why? I had whatsApp before but I received a mug that I should update it and when I tried to do so that’s the mag they keep on showing me so I deleted the App (BIG MISTAKE) now I can’t even get the old one back….This ducks big time, I mean what is the point of having a phone if u can’t download anything? What is going on? Pl ANYONE if u have a solution 4th problems please please do share with me

  • Shaveta Sabrina

    I m using moto g when we press the main menu button then google itself open and if we close then it open again nd again don’tknow whts the prblm plzzzzzzz tell me solution …

  • Pramit Paul

    I’m from India & I’m also facing the same problem…I’ve tried to update & Download some apps like Google+ & Chrome and then when its time for the app’s installation process, it shows that “an unknown error occurred, please try again later” I’ve tried several times but, its of no use…help me out

  • joseph mwangi

    i also have the same problem with my hTc bt this start randomly now i can’t get app from google play sur..

  • Mahesh

    I am from tamilnadu india and i have not faced this problem previously with my tab…. what should i do with my phone?

  • Mahesh

    I too have the same problem with my lava iris x5 mobile which i bought yesterday. i am unable to get anything from google play store. I donot know what to do now? If there is any way please suggest a solution.

  • pankaj goyal

    I am also facing same issue when I try to download from WiFi network on mobile data it’s working fine

  • gopi

    On my Intex Aqua 4x, whenever I Go to Google Map, I can’t find my location even if my GPS is turned on. No use of GPS where is problem and what is solution

  • anandu

    i am having a moto G (2nd gen ) the playstore works on my mobile data connection ,but it shows “connection timed out ” when connected by wifi ,anyone know how to fix this ,i tried most ofthe available methods like “clearing cache” , reseting phone etc,
    my device is rooted

    • Pramit Paul

      Same here brother….I’ve tried every single thing I could…but, that’s of no goddamn use

  • Anurag Jain

    I am facing down loading issue from Google play since 20th of sep 2014…on my a Moto G.
    Earlier it was working well on my Moto G…

    Pls suggest if you have any solution to resolve the issue……

  • Dixie

    Has anyone tried to contact Google Play? I did yesterday and they told me to do a bunch of stuff and I did, and it still didn’t work. She then went on to tell me it was my phone, and I should call my phone company. So I tried a totally different phone and it still didn’t work. So now I know it has NOTHING to do with my phone.

  • Dixie

    I am having the same issue here in Fla. I have tried on three different phones, my laptop and my tablet. I get the same message, can’t download due to an error

  • abibat

    Am also havin the same problem, here im Nigeria

  • Dia

    Hey i cannot download anything using the new version of Google Play i had uninstalled the updates.after that there was no problem in downloading.but after a few minutes it was updated automatically.pls tell me how to stop these updates.

  • Deb

    Yep, me too and I’m in Australia! Very frustrating, especially when you’ve spent money to download an app.

  • shampy

    I am using moto e and to download even a single app 100 times still no use

  • Mercy

    Is there an issue with Clash of Clans and Sony Xperia M ? I have tried to download over 100 times and still no joy. It seems to just lock up during the download process

  • Aarav

    When ever i opn app lyk google map or other app during the app is running the app gets stop with a notification that UNFORTUNATELY the app has Stop and the other one problem is using using play store during the play stor is running Its gets stop and with a notification connection timeout and also some apps do not gets updated

  • Guest

    I was playing Candy Crush and it froze mid-play. I uninstalled and tried to download it. Google Play Store message says it couldn’t download to my phone. After a few more attempts the game doesn’t even show up in the google play store on my HTC Max.Getting an error as the version is not supported by your device.

  • Fatimah

    I was playing Candy Crush and it froze mid-play. I uninstalled and tried to download it again. Google Play Store message says it couldn’t download to my phone. After a few more attempts the game doesn’t even show up in the google play store on my HTC Max One.

  • Ava

    Trying to do my updates on my galaxy s4 but I get error code 495. Any ideas to what’s going on with the updates?

  • srijita

    Trying to upddate my apps on samsung galaxy s duos 7562 but getting error 923. Cleard all cache, data , force stoped google playand reboot my fon sevral times but still the same. Want the solution badly.

  • max

    when i try to get the latest update o clash of clans it comes up with invalid download url. i have been trying to update it for 3 days now and still no success. any advice???? i am using a Sony Xperia M

  • cren

    keep getting error code 923 on my tablet while trying to do update install

  • Deepak Rathi

    I don’t know what is going on with Google play store but every time i try to download game ‘injustice’ , it starts and stop after a period of time, like downloading 1 gb out of 1.14gb and then it stops And the error it shows is error 489

  • Mike Miller

    ever since i updated my s4, i cant update or download apps on my device it gives me error code 495….if im connected to a wifi network it will work! i tried clearing cache and some other advice i got online that may have screwed it up even worse! im really hoping not, and that someone can help me resolve this issue so that i can update and download using my mobile data!!! Thank You!
    Really Frustrated Mike…

  • Ananya Bogati

    Recently I don’t know how my android phone got reset and all apps got uninstalled. Now only few apps which I had can be installed while for the rest it says “unknown error code during application install -24” and I’ve tried a lot of methods but unfortunately it didn’t work. Please say what to do. Please

  • john brown

    My android tablet not downloading from my Google play store for over 3 days now its a Samsung tab 2.70 gt-p3113 . Don’t know whats wrong with it

  • KODY

    i have an android device and recently i have been trying to download apps from google play store but it than it says that the APP can noit be downloaded due to error 927. i need help to download some apps…this is all the way from FIJI….

  • Pravin Aphale

    I have android mobile Maxx AX8Race,When I tried to update google apps like maps,talk but I didn’t succeed,It shows message always ‘something is wrong try after sometime’.Also cant update google play services

  • lalitha murali

    i have a problem while downloading apps,it shows me error 495/ to rectify service centre they jst updated to rectify anyone using micromax A35..cannot be downloaded whats app sellinam nd any apps..

    • lalitha murali

      pl help to rectify

  • wadner blaisw

    I have a LG Optimus l9 and lately I have not been able to update any off ny apps due to error 495 watever that is. Its irritating and thinking of jus switching to apple. Too many glitches and quirks need to be cleaned up by Google. This is really poor service

  • vani

    I have samsung galaxy. unable to install wats app. it shows error 495.

  • steev trejo

    I have the galaxy s4 on t mobile, I just updated to the Android version 4.3, when I tried to update my apps in the play store, I got the error 927 when updating Amazon and Adobe Reader so I uninstalled the Adobe thinking I would just reinstall,well now I can’t download it again..
    FB, instagram, flip board worked, idk what to make of this.

  • the inferno

    Hi, I am facing error 502 when trying to download or update app.. pls anyone tell me how to get rid of this?? Or by when it will get fixed..??

  • lynn parrish

    Great!!! so My phone is repaired they restore factory setting and now I am getting an error 927. never had an issue downloading before.

  • James

    I received the 927 error until I realised I had earlier logged into a different google account, as soon as I logged out then back in with the account for my phone I was able to download sucsessfully.

  • naledi using Samsung S4.i get 495 error whenever I try to download or update and its been a week.
    Please help.

  • buckeye secretary

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S2 and am getting package file invalid error code 927 after Knights and Dragons said I needed to update and I tried updating. Boo!

  • salman butt

    I m using galxy ace 2 and error 498 occur while downloading….how to fix ?it

  • Izzy

    hi, im having the same problems with google play store… its not just get one error i get on my samsung galaxy s2 but many at different occasions.. error 495, error 923, 905 927.. etc.. on google play store n even thru the browser doesn’t download or update any app… its been a week now… have tried all the tb resolutions on other websites.. but nothing seems to wrk.. please help… dont a backup n restore too…

  • reneegeorgovich

    Am getting an error message ” package file is invalid” and error 923 in my tablets asus android . does anyone know how to fix this issue pls mail me,

  • gina

    Hi, i hope someone could help me im having error 927 in downloading a program in my LG-E615… what should i do?

    • Sushil Jain

      I an having error 927 in downloading a program in my mobile Samsung GT S5300. what should i do?

      Sushil jAIN
      Mob. 9460186860
      email: vimlasushil@yahoo.dom

  • anynomous

    help i already did factory reset on my device samsung galaxy sl 2.3.4 but i still encounter error 498 thats why i cant download candy crush and camre 360 woint work on my device

  • Steffy

    Hey, I have a galaxy Ace 2 and well certain problems occurred. Firstly, when downloading or updating an application from Play Store , my phone keeps restarting and then my wifi blanks when i put back on my wifi…the download says Error 923…I rebooted my phone, did the factory reset for over 10 times now…I don’t know what to do…Sigh…

  • Laurie L

    I experienced a repeated 923 “app could not be downloaded” error today when attempting to install social driving app Waze from Google Play. So I turned off Wi-Fi and it worked fine…

  • Ramz

    Hey guys, i was facing this issue too, however i did solve it, this is not an app related error, it is the internet related issue, so if you delete your 2G/3G settings and re-enter, it will fix the issue, sometimes you may have to re-start your phone, hope this helps. cheers 🙂

  • Ankur

    HI…. I have got the same issue, whenever I try to download or update an application it show error 927 & other error……….please suggest how to get rid of this. I am using Samsung Galaxy Grand.

    • Albshah

      I am too getting the same error, I purchased Spice Android 4.0 dual core and its 2 days old.

  • Sam

    i have the same problem. The only thing that stands out to me is that I’ve now heard of at least five people who have the problem traveling, changing WiFi, and/or changing the time. I also had to do those things because i went away from Connecticut to DC and stayed there for 6 days. I have the Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0. I’ve tried everything the internet suggested but nothing worked. I also sometimes got “package file invalid” error as well. Hope this helped:)

  • Bernard

    Am using a Sony Xperia S.. Am having issue while downloading and updating applications from google play,
    Am getting an error message ” package file is invalid” and error 927. does anyone know how to fix this issue pls mail me,

  • akshay

    I am having the same prob. In my tab while downloading. I am getting an error 495
    If anyone has solution to thos prob please mail me

  • akshay

    I m having the same problem. When ever i try to download a file or a game or app of more than 25 mb.
    Firstly my tab 2 downloads the file till 23 mb an then he says that the file cannot be downloaded due to an error.(495)
    Please if any one knows what to do now,then please tell him as i m fed ip with this.

  • Irene

    I have tried downloading upgrade if
    Or what’s app but got an error 923. What to do?

  • debojyoti

    After downloading fb messenger it is showing package data invalid.. what to do?

  • I m using witribe wifi on my cell phone. I am facing problem from last few days to update google play apps throuh witribe wifi. Kindly solve this issue as soon as possible. Thankyou.

  • tyo

    what about facing error 498? how to fix that error? please

  • Immanee

    Manage apps – google apps – force stop – install watsapp …….it worked, thanks people

  • namerg

    I have an SG3 Android Version 4.2.1 Kernel Version 3.0.59-cyanogenmod-g2e84689-pinky-ghost@cyanogenmod#1
    CyanogenMod Version 101.20130205-NIGHTLY-d2tmo
    Build Number cm_d2tmo-userdebug 4.2.1 JOP40G eng 20130204.231116 test-keys

    I am trying to update ROM Manager ClockWorkMod but I get the error 495.. I have cleared cache, stopped services. I have not deleted my account yet. Thanks for your help

  • Timir

    I am facing error 498 .

  • how i fixed error 495 and 927??because of this errors icant download any app. and games to my getting annoying to this problem

  • ayip shahab

    I had a 927 error twice, first I take it to samsung service, one week later returned error, this time my own work a way: go to settings> Applications Manager> press menu key> reset app preferences> restars .. after I did it turned out to play in the store could reopen

  • morph

    Try his worked for 3use a cache cleaner clean. Go to play store hit arrow at top alist of updates will show up tick automatic updates on all individuall apps then type in app you want to download bingo fixed hope its as easy for other people cheers morph

  • morph

    I fixed mine by using a cache cleaner then going in to play store hit the small download arrow at the top you will get a list of updates for apps on your tab or phone tap them one at a time tap automatic update on each and every app on the list then go straight to app you want to download it will download this has worked for two other tablets whith same problem please let me know if it works for you cheers and good luck morph

  • many thanks for u.. it’s work properly after your steps..

  • hey frnds……while downloading a game of more then 25mb it showing error ‘927’ and connection time out…..pls help guys it really annoys…………

  • HK

    I am having trouble downloading Whats App frm the Google Playstore. The download bar will show for sometime and then the download error message comes up. The same thing happens when I attempt to do an update of existing apps. Help is needed urgently!

    • Brad Hoschar

      Try this and let me know if it worked.

    • brad hoschar
    • Ynnaf

      I experienced the same on my Samsung Galaxy SII. What I did (after trying clearing cache, checking storage space etc.) that solved my issue: from application settings, I uninstalled all updates from Google play. So basically it reverted to an old, good functioning “Android market” -> since then I can download and update my Apps again without any issue. Give it a try!

  • Fabio

    App Manage / Google Play .. stop service and clear cache.

    Google Frame Work (stop service)

    Delete your Google Acount and reboot

    • Ryan

      Still did not work. This is so frustrating.

    • yeahhhhhhhhhhh I can download apps from play store………………..
      Thanx ……………

  • hi, i am facing error 927 when downloading or updating software how can i resolve these problem

  • snekitdev

    i was an blackberry usser looking at the variety of app present in the android market i took an decision to buy the galaxy s2 but now the android market is showing erroe 927 and connection timed out when i try to download certain app !!!! someone please send me the solution for his problem!!!!!!

    • Brad

      Try going into your apps, force close the play store, then open again and login… it should work

  • hemadri

    I too experiencing the same problem in my SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE DUOS mobile … 927 error while downloading apps using google app store

  • senthil

    I am from India using Sony live walkman. I am too experiencing the same prob when trying download from plastered. I get an error message as download failed due to an error 927

  • johann

    Im in south africa on galaxy s3 cant download apps from play store. I can browse for apps and use the web etc no problem. When i try to download an app it says downlading and the blue lines keep running below like its waiting but the download never happens. Eventually if i leave it long eniugh i get a message that thr download has failed.

    • Hey johann, I am also face same probel from google play store in INDIA.

      • johann

        Solved my problem. My data limiter was keeping me from downloading for some reason. Even though i have not reached the limit yet. I turned it off and now all is good.

        • Richard

          Hi Johann, what do you mean by data limiter? Where can I find it? Did you men some settings in your mobile? Or router? Thank you

          • Julian Chu

            Go to setting, inactive “Set mobile data limit”.

          • johann

            Yes, inmy phone its under settings/data usage/set mobile data limit. Uncheck that.

        • hemadri

          Hi johann i am using SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE DUOS smart phone … i donno how to set it in my mobile plz give me guidelines…

  • Luis

    In mexico having same problem “error 927” with some apps

  • Richard

    Having the same issues, here in Slovak Republic.
    I can download and upgrade apps via 3G connection, but
    I cannot do it via WIFI. Have somebody experiencing the same problem?
    Hope, Google will bring some Update soon!

    • Zapera

      Hi there,

      I’m facing also the same issue and also from Slovak Republic…I tried almost everything what I found on forums included 3 times reset to factory defaults. No probs. to download from 3G but unable to downliad via wifi.

      • Richard

        I tried to change DNS settings in my router as Google recommends and it works. Now, I can download any app except those over 50 MB. I can download little apps but when I am trying to download for example Batman game, it stucks at downloading as before.

      • Richard

        I did it as written here:
        I used and and it works for me. The problem is that I still cannot download bigger apps like games or navigation software.

    • Android

      I’m having the same issue, I cant download using packet data but not on wifi. ACT – Philippines


    having the same problem while downloading error 927 here in India on my Samsung galaxy y duos…. any solution much appreciated on the given email

    • hemadri

      hey richard me too having the same pblm in samsung galaxy ace duos .. if u get solution mail me on plzzzzzzzz

  • Gemma

    Dame problem here in the UK. Can do everything except download and update apps. Frustrated isn’t the word!

  • Shir

    Turn off your 4G and your Mobile Network in Settings.
    Wait a couple of minutes.
    Go to the web. You should not be able to access the web at this time. “Page Can Not Be Displayed”.
    Then on the Mobile Network again in Settings.
    Turn it back on.
    Go to the web again. You should be able to access it.
    The go to Google Play Store.
    You should now be able to download Apps, etc.

    • Arlo

      does not work

  • stawbe

    Getting 927 errors on my galaxy s3 in south Africa. Really annoying and competely random, only gives the error for some things and not others.

  • Dee

    Same here in Aus getting the (927) and (923) error as well as” package file invalid” cannot update or download skype or anything

  • Arlo

    Having issues here in the Philippines. My device is an HTC sensation XE with beats audio. I’m stuck at “waiting for network” although i’m sure i’m connected because i can email, surf the web, post in FB etc. The only thing I can’t do is download or update my apps. How frustrating! The same issue when purchasing apps so have to refund it. I did plenty of troubleshooting already short of a factory reset which i hope i won’t have to do.

  • Shannon

    I did one of the previous suggestions to go into the Battery & Data Manager and and then to Data Saver and unchecked the box and it worked like a charm!! Thanks JD

  • Quijote

    Same in Chile.. have Motorola Atrix .. and htc one X… same mobile company.. both with 3g… only htc can download

  • ashish regmi

    my play store keeps on saying Loading and if it gets near to download then it keep`s saying downloading

  • ricky india

    i purchaced galaxy ace 2 days ago…… getting 927 error,i cant download app from google play…

  • Max

    So did any of u get this revolved? If So HOW ? Thanks

    • Red

      it seems to have resolved itself… i went to a coffee shop today and used the wifi there and voila, was able to install and update all apps. now that im home and using my own wifi i have no issues downloading nor updating any apps.
      since i did a lot of troubleshooting to the point of even doing a factory reset, i cant really say which helped

      • Red

        *it seemed

  • carl vincent

    Same problem here in philippines, it stock on downloading, and i can’t update my apps,

  • Red

    experiencing the same issue here. reported the issue to google and was advised to do the troubleshooting steps listed on their site but to no avail. this is so frustrating cant download nor update any apps!

  • Jd

    I thought I was the only one experiencing this kind of downloading issue. I was so relieved to have found this site. I cannot download any apps in my LG Optimus 3d as well, it gets stuck in the “downloading phase” with 0%. I reset my phone twice already and still no download, I was already freaking out thought my phone is damage or what. I hope google will fix this issue, I already sent them a report about this particular problem twice.

    • ds

      Hi, having the same problem. Still no fix for this? tnx.

  • VivD

    I’ve been having the same issue for the past few days after moving to India from the US. I thought it had something to do with the whole move as in change on networks or something but seems like the issue is happening fro a lot of people.

    I don’t have wifi currently so have been trying to download/update apps over 3G and keep getting the error 927.

    Anyone knows of a solution to this problem?

  • blinstrot

    Droid X2 can’t update any of my apps. Error 927
    I had to do a factory reset on the advice of Verizon tech. It automatically updated tons of apps but now won’t let me install or update anything else.

  • b2roq

    i am from France. i confirm that i also having server errors with my SE Xperia X10

  • Ivan

    My name is Ivan, and i am still getting this error in INDONESIA 🙁

  • This is clearly a problem on Google’s side my Galaxy is now sorted however my TABLET is still suffering!!

    Google catch a wake up

  • Mayur Harkison

    im in south africa, having the same issues error 927
    some apps download or update.some just wont work
    very frustrating
    google come on, sort it out

    • JD

      Seems the latest OS update turned on “Data Saver” by default. Go into settings, Battery & Data Manager, Data Saver and uncheck box. Data Saver makes updating wait until on wifi.

      • Dibyajyoti

        Hi JD,
        Where do I get the Data Saver option in ICS 4.0.4 ? The flow that you mentioned above does not exist in my Nexus S ( ICS 4.0.4) .Thanks in advance

  • Been two weeks, still no joy!
    Google still seems to be oblivious to the problem,got the problem on my TAB and Phone.

    Pull Finger Google this is Bloody Pathetic!

  • alok

    Man same problem here in india….if do you any suuggestion then please make me updated with it….

    • Milan Monappa

      Hi Guys,

      Looks like whole world has same problem. Even me worrying for few days but got a solution. Follow this steps hope it works in your mobile.
      Step 1: Go to Settings.
      Step 2: Go to ” Applications” ->”Manage Applications”
      Step 3: Go to “All”
      Step 4: Go to “Google Play store”(Which is Android Market)
      Step 5: Now “Uninstall updates” (Trust me 🙂 )
      Step 6: Restart your Mobile.
      Step 7: Now go to “Market” (And update or install any app)

      Please reply me even if it wont work

      • Mayur Harkison

        this works for about 5 mins.then it upgrades to the play store

        • Arlo

          agree, it temporarily worked but it automatically upgrades to the play store and we’re back with the same problem.. have to do the “uninstall updates’ every now and then. This is a temporary solution but i hope a permanent solution is found soon.

      • Catherine

        This works!!!!!!

      • Arlo

        Hi Milan, I’m so glad I found this thread. I did what you suggested and so far it’s working good. 😀 but i’ll find out more as i have tons of apps to install and update. Thanks, i’ll post another comment when i find out more. ciao.

      • Arlo

        Hi again, it’s confirmed! this troubleshooting tip worked. I can’t thank you enough. Currently on my 5Th download and not a glitch!

      • hemadri

        yaa its working but as harkison told its for a short period of time only … any how thanks for the nice tip bro

    • Andy

      man im also from india
      i also hav same prob and another one ie., when i download an app lik androvideo editor or those apps which are compatible with my SGY s5360 the download stucks at 1% it doesnt go further also youtube starts buffering after 1 min what should i do????????

      • Andy

        Guess what guys i formatted my phone in recovery mode and rebooted it.
        now the downloading and updating problem seems to be gone i hav update it also. remember before factory reset i used chainfire 3d and selected fix market after installing plugins after that i uninstalled it by going in chain fire 3d and then uninstalling it by manage application., unrooted it , rebooted it, again recovery mode and as said at top factory reset and no cache partition. whoola it works and i am not rooting it again, 99%of prob has gone and now only prob i face is that i cant play hd games in it but it worths it as i dont want to brick it because i hav earned it by getting CGPA 10.0 in class tenth and now i am in class eleven. it worths a try i only root it to transfer my apps to sd by program Link2sd. and then i unroot it…………..

  • Banupriya Krishnan


    I am in South Africa. I could not download any applications its giving an error 495 🙁

    • South Africa- Have got the same problem on my galaxy s2 and Tab, will not release updates or download new apps get cracking google!!!!

    • Dibyajyoti

      I am also in South Africa – and same problem . Has anybody got any solution ? I am not able to update any app . Also it is not downloading many apps . gives error 495

      • Milan Monappa

        Hi Guys,

        Looks like whole world has same problem. Even me worrying for few days but got a solution. Follow this steps hope it works in your mobile.
        Step 1: Go to Settings.
        Step 2: Go to ” Applications” ->”Manage Applications”
        Step 3: Go to “All”
        Step 4: Go to “Google Play store”(Which is Android Market)
        Step 5: Now “Uninstall updates” (Trust me :))
        Step 6: Restart your Mobile.
        Step 7: Now go to “Market” (And update or install any app)

        Please reply me even if it wont work

        • dibyajyoti

          Hi Milan,
          I tried your trick but unfortunately did not work for me . I contacted google play support team but they are also unable to resolve this ( at least for me )

        • Azula

          i had the whatsapp already installed on my cell Xperia neo v Android but it didnt work i uninstalled it and then restart then went to the market to install it said “error 927”
          please help!!!!!!!!

  • same problem here in delhi, india, wid my galaxy note… i clear the caches and restart my mobile and its start working, try…!

  • Milan

    check if your data plan is working.

    also settings -> applications -> manage applications -> all -> play (market) clear data and uninstall update

  • mike

    Having same problem today in South Africa. Sometimes I can access the play store other times I get an error. Haven’t been able to download any appz since lastnight.Just got a 495 error while tryig to download an app. I can access the store from my browser but not my mobile (Using same internet connection through WIFI)

  • ecl

    In Italy at present.

    Same completely opaque and useless error message here.

  • Nik

    same problem here (Malawi) seems selective though. the past couple days some have updated and installed successfully others havent, but today i’m getting nothing at all.

  • Cornelius

    same here at Malaysia.. 🙁

  • Ess Donli

    Am in Nigeria and am frustrated with this issue, eversince I upgraded to ICS it’s been one issue or the other, I miss market, it was so simple and restarting solves almost everything. So annoying.

  • Bryan

    Maybe this is old, but I’m having the same problem here in China. Is it still acting up for any of you guys.

  • shubham

    yes i m also facing the same problem….

  • Kevin

    This error code can be fixed temporarily by going to the application itself and force stopping it. I am able to download one app before it hangs again and gives me the error code again.

  • rishi

    i’m also facing the same issue..

  • axeller

    Got same error. Ukraine.

  • Yatin

    I m also facing the same issue while downloading “Cut the rope” app & updating “Adobe Flash Player” & other apps. Downloading error.

  • sittusandip

    same in india

  • Paul

    Hi its the same in UK. Probs on PC. Laptop & Galaxy S2. Think the problem is intermittent on Google’s side. I have just re-tried to get into my account and it appears to be ok now. It was also ok last night. Thought it was a problem with My S2 at first as i have just got the new Android ICS Firmware download.
    All appears ok just at the present time.

  • Mr. Wendell

    Woke up this morning, and realized that google went gaga, wtf.

  • soban

    Im frm kuwait and i am facing the same problem, i rooted my phone and then i downloaded some apps which were successfull but then it started giving error messages,, is the issue resolved?

  • Bogdan

    Same here! Im from Romania and today the same error code (927) is on Google Play.

  • dyrs

    same in Gibraltar

  • J. Oliver

    Same problem here, has been happen on and off since the change to “Play Store”…

    This is running stock 2.3.6 on an Atrix 2 via ATT. If I get the error restarting the device fixes it for me. When this happens other programs have trouble with the network until I restart also.

  • Jim Hardeman

    Same issue in US just now. Updates to tablet failed — through website won’t even pull up info screen on apps.

  • Ed

    I am probably doing something wrong, but it sends the app I want to download to my phone when I am trying to download app to my tablet. Also I hate having to sign in before I download anything…this wasn’t the case before Google Play..I preferred the old “market” way.

  • Miriam

    Same thing here (netherlands)

  • Wesley

    Just started having this when trying to update already installed apps. It successfully updated 3, but refuses to update the remaining 5.

  • Dave

    Same in Netherlands

  • Kelvun L

    I have the same problem too when i use my galaxy nexus to update the Google map.
    I come from Hong Kong.

  • furlan

    it’s normal over here in Brazil, downloaded some games yesterday.. no problems.


  • Sandra K

    In Germany…the same problem 🙁

  • abiram

    oh suprised to see many people over the world visit this site.. tony isnt that u who hav posted all that comments?

  • Brad

    I have Verizon 4G LTE and it took around 6 minutes to download a 16Mb app…..somethin’s up!

  • currenter

    i am from greece.i can confirm that i also having problems and server errors and connections timed out.i think that play store server is down!!

  • jeet

    same here in uae…

  • jorge

    this is happening to me also, I live in Mexico and this started last night. I´m also getting a message that says google talk failed to auntenticate if this is a google apps account please bla bl bla

    • Tony Simons

      Thank you for your feedback, Jorge. I hope this issue gets squashed soon.