Flowchart: Will your device receive CyanogenMOD 9?


Have you been on eggshells the past few months, wondering if your Android investment would survive the next wave of


Of course, this chart only covers official plans from the CyanogenMOD team. This is not an indication that your device will never see an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM of it’s own, though without official CM support, the waters might be a bit murky for you.

If you’re likely to not see an official CM9 release with your current device, is that enough to make you spring for an upgrade? If so, which model will you most likely own next? I’ve got my eye on the HTC One S, but I’m not completely sold yet on it.

Source: Google+ Via: Phandroid


Post Author: Tony Simons

  • Prithvi

    Motorola Defy may just fit the bill!

  • kaushik

    nice chart but the main problem is proper graphics driver. even if a mobile have officially supports CM7, same mobile may fail to get CM9 cause it doesn’t have hardware acceleration (which was not there in GB). it’ll be interesting how many last gen CM7 mobile gets CM9 (if any).

  • adi

    pls provide a bigger image.

    • @adi Done, click on the image to see bigger version.