My Clinic arrives on Google Play, we have 7 promo codes to give Away

My Clinic for Android

Earlier this week, Game Insight announced the arrival of My Clinic for Android. Within 24 hours, the game climbed to the top of the “Trending Apps” list on Google Play. If you’ve yet to hear of My Clinic, this is one free game you might want to check out, especially if you enjoy challenging, click-to-play simulation games.

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Game Insight RELEASEs MY CLINIC on Google Play

MOSCOW – 13 March, 2012 – Game Insight, a world leader in publishing social and mobile games, has announced the release of My Clinic for Android My Clinic is a simulation game that challenges players to run a successful hospital by hiring skilled physicians, building up a modern clinic, and treating patients with all sorts of ailments.
In My Clinic, you must build up your clinic from a small shack to a mighty hospital by treating patients that regularly arrive in your waiting room. Players can treat their patients with different medicines that vary in cost and effectiveness, and assign trained physicians and nurses (some of whom bear a humorous resemblance to celebrities you might know) to their care. All the while, players will earn money to upgrade their physician’s office as well as the clinic building itself, adding more hospital beds, more collectible items, and more capacity for staff.
My Clinic offers lots of variety and different ways to progress, along with unique social sharing options. While the minute-to-minute gameplay challenges players to find the right cure for the right patient, players must also be mindful of how their current clinic’s facilities can be improved. Do you use your hard-earned cash to hire a specialist who has memorized every disease’s Latin name, or do you use it to add much-needed equipment to your examination room? And as you grow your hospital, you can connect to your social friends, and even hire them to work at your clinic for free! Test your bedside manner and build a medical empire in free-to-play game My Clinic .

About Game Insight
Game Insight is an international leader in the development and publishing of games for mobile platforms and social networks. Due to its robust portfolio of hit titles, Game Insight is known around the world by more than 50 million users of iOS, Android, and many social networks such as Facebook, and Orkut. More than 30 Game Insight games have captivated audiences in the United States and Europe, as well as those in Korea, Japan, China and South America.
Find more information on Game Insight at the official Web site:

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    Ran McG

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    May I have a Promo code for android too, please?


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