Google prepping a new version of Google Wallet; going multi-platform?

Google has started teasing a new version of Google Wallet on its official website.  Company is also taking invites for this new version, which if requested asks the users for the kind of device they use – Android, iOS or other?

Seems to us, Google might be expanding Wallet from Android to other platforms. Currently, Google Wallet is only accessible to select NFC equipped Android phone users and also requires special equipment at the merchants’ end too.

Business Insider says:

“While Google ran a lot of ads on buses and billboards for Wallet, the mobile-payments service never appeared to take off with consumers—in part because it was limited to specific phones carried by Sprint and Virgin Mobile and relied on NFC, or near-field communications, a short-range wireless technology.”

There are no details available right now, but we are digging and will let you know if anything pops up.

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