Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 (7.0) getting Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update in India

Samsung India has started rolling Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 tablet in the country. 360.66MB in size, this update is now available over-the-air as well as via Samsung Kies app.

The update brings the usual Jelly Bean goodness including Google Now, improved notifications, UI updates, and Project Butter performance improvements.

You can manually check for the update by going to Settings > About device > Software updates. If you have already updated your tablet, do let us know about the experience in the comments.

Thanks Satyanand, harsha

Post Author: Gaurav Shukla

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  • Vijay

    I use samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0, which i upgraded to jelly bean(4.1.1) and i found that mini messaging is not working. Whenever i try to open it freezes for a moment and an error message appears ” unfortunately, mini messaging has stopped”. I tried restarting the device but i couldn’t come over it .
    If any user could find a solution it will be helpful.

  • Vijay

    The Upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich(4.0.4) to Jelly Bean(4.1.1) is smooth and efficient . Now the ram amount is displayed up to 770 mb . Performance is as same but vividly smooth . One should get used to the on screen buttons to use as they are moved to the center of the screen. Couple of icons are new.

  • fghtjy

    The official Jelly Bean update is out in India for galaxy Tab 2 p3100 and it s*cks, all the tablet operating features are gone, the bottom right options(time,notifications,notification icons) have gone on top in a thin black bar, the bottom bar has only 4 options now, the recently opened applications interface is damn irritating. The interface is more likely of a phone now, overall its a failure. I want to switch back to the older version without voiding the warranty please suggest.


  • Narender

    Nice upgrade.. overwhelmed about the HD widgets.. Smooth screen transition & Scrolling.. Love this upgrade but felling sad Since the screen capture shortcut has gone, i have to press Power button & volume down key to capture the screen,.. its hectic.. also battery % status is also gone…

    Does any one know how to restore it again…

  • chirag

    After getting the JB update, it stopped showing the battery status and under the display settings also i could not find any option to turned it on , any idea from how to get the battery status displayed as it used to be in ICS. downt want to again n again goto battery information to see that.

  • Weird behaviour for getting JB update. The update showed me only during day time when i am in office and not during at night at home where i can download the update at ease. Nyways i did manage to upgrade to JB on a weekend ;).
    But I regret to the core ! I am still googling and looking for screenshot option in my phone. Some say Power Button + Volume etc but still aint working .
    The only sizable advantage being increase in available RAM space . I have a Samsung Tab 2 , which showed 680MB for ICS and now shows 770MB for JB.

    Rest i m not impressed with JB ! Hope the patches for JB solve my issues !!

    Personal advice : Do not upgrade to JB unless you stuggling for less RAM space.

    • Ok Screenshot does work with Power + Volume Down but very cumbersome !

    • Narender

      I am also using the same Galaxy TAB P3100 & to capture it press the volume down key & power button together…

  • Rohit

    Is someone getting update push msg again? I’m getting one on my tab… Kindly confirm !

    • Rohit

      This is after I updated it to JB 4.1.1

  • Dom

    Well I got my other half a Tab 2 10″ and spent yesterday evening charging it up and getting all teh updates! To my shock teh JB update on that looks identical to the old ICS I had on my 7″. It still has the screen shot button. The clock is still in teh bottom right. it looks exactly the same! the only thing giving it away as JB at all is obviously looking at the details in settings but also that useful google search link in the top left is now a shortcut that that usless google siri style app thing.

  • premnath

    First of all,Don’t update to JB please keep ur ics safely.if you dit ur tab will become gaint phone.its not upgrade it is big downgrade.
    and pls help me to get back my ICS

    • Dom

      I have been using JB for quite a few days now and am getting used to it. Frankly the layout in landscape mode is poor! It feels very cramped and many widgets do not display correctly. But I am using other widgets now to avoid annoyance and some of the features are great! The sticky icons I love and when you fire up a video now you can make it small and watch it while surfing or enjoying a game pf Plague (or any game). This feature is great! Also teh battery life is a lot better now.

      I for one do not miss the screen shot button! I hated it on ICS tbh. But a lot of people semed to have really liked it! If only it was optional? Also the search in the top left is gone and I do miss that!

      So JB is well worth having imo. There is enough there to make the update worth while! You will not be able to set your tablet up the same way as on ICS tho. Well you can but you wont like it 😉

    • amza_malaysia

      go to this website if you want to get back your ics for tab 2 P 3100.

  • pulak mishra

    i dnt like the new jb update on tab2. they hav removd the screenshot icon. n nw u cn do it nly by pressing power button n down volume button togthr
    bt evn aftr tht the screen shot hs no direct editing options/ n no way fr writng on the screenshot. i need tht function as it help me in doin presentations n sending edited pics back to my freinds//
    can any one tell me how to get this feature back or plz tell me hw to downgrade frm ths shit jellybean to way way bettr ics

  • Pradeep Kumar

    If anyone is getting the message “No Update Available” then it could be due to the following reasons:

    1) Samsung has not release the update for specific countrires.
    2) Samsung tries to release update for small number of handsets at a time.
    3) Some service providers block such firmware updates.


    1) Try Samsung Kies.
    2) Keep trying the OTA Update

    It will be helpful to hear from those who have got the update through OTA. Specifically which Service Provider were they connected to. I have MTNL triband, I still get “No Update Available” .So it seems Samsung Kies is the way to go, but I will wait. Just like a few others here, I called up customer care guys yesterday and they said that Samsung has not rolled out jelly bean update officially for Tab 2. I feel a bit strange hearing this from customer care, because many of the guys here seem to have got the update through OTA.

    • Dom

      Yeah I am in the UK and got mine via OTA for Tab 2 7″

      I got my Tab 2 through O2 at Carphone Warehouse tho the tab has nothing to do with O2, it is a stand alone product. Tho I tether it with the Blackberry.

      As stated before JB is really good if you use the tab in portrait. If you use it a lot in landscape I would recomend holding off. I even did a factory reset to try and get ICS back but just got a fresh JB. I am learning to live with the faults in lanscape but kind of because I have to lol.

    • Pradeep Kumar

      I finally got the OTA update. I had left my tab open and connected to internet overnight. Next morning the JB update was ready to be installed. I have had no issues with the installation and JB works great.

  • Dom


    I have got the JB update over the air and it worked fine. BUT! I do not like the lay out. notifications at the top I dont like and when using the tablet in widescreen any widgets that are 2 lines down seem to get clipped. met office weather widget springs to mind. The loss of teh search bar in the top right sucks! Also all the icons seem rather squashed in landscape. I use my Galaxy Tab 2 7 in landscape all teh time so there are a number of things that annoy me. The whole things works far bettter in portrait shich backs up claims that it is a phone version! BUT I dont use mine in portrait so am just left is a few problems.

    It seems smooth tho. battery life is better! And I like the sticky icons! A good start but it needs work!

  • Pooja

    How does jelly bean support screen grab on this device?

  • rishi

    got the update today morning – (voda – mumbai), yet to dig in deep will update once gone through the features ! looks good on the face of it …

  • I got it and its awesome…..

  • viper33ashes

    Alright updated my tab2 to JB! and immediately regret it 🙁
    The dock icons seem jumbled up, screenshot icon is missing, and apparently there is no way to get it back since there is no ‘Quick Launch’ option in Display settings as there was in ICS.
    Also, one of the best features of ICS, the spot search is no longer there…. google now seems to search the tab but its just not quick n easy enuf!!
    Rest everything is ok, the keyboard has improved but almost everything else is almost the same!
    I prefer my iphones IOS 5.1 anyday than android jb!!

    • Nikhil


      I do have the problem in finding the screen shot icon, if you found it can you mail me the way you did it?

      Nikhil. S

  • Rohit


    once you cancel the update, you can get it only through KIES. I went through same. Cancelled OTA update when it was flashing on my Tab, never got it back. Tried through KIES then… Hope, it helps.


  • chirag

    Could not complete the OTA update of JB and now it says no update avilable 🙁 any ideas ? how to get the update again 🙁

  • pradheep

    Today morning at 11.00am I got a notification for the update.It was 360 mb so went to recharge my mobile data.When I came back and checked for the update at 12.00 pm it said “no updates available” till now it’s showing the same….

    • Bhaskar Bharti

      dude have u set up your country as something else? ‘coz not everyone has got this update. I even tried using Kies, the firmware downloads and then the ‘unknown error’ pops out. If anyone from could help us guys.

      • kundu

        Download the update manually and flash it via odin. Mine got same jb via odin.
        Btw this jb sucks. The font display got worse.its showing a halo around.

    • nik

      dude just connect ur tab through samsung kies app and keep going !
      same has happend with me 🙂

      • pradheep

        Finally got it through ota yesterday but its sucks my battery and not showing remaining battery percent…

        Thnx for ur help dude!!!!!!

        • pradheep

          Y the wallpaper set isn’t updated? ?? I get the old wallpapers of ics…

  • Rohit

    Upgraded to 4.1.1 last night… Couldn’t resist the goodies of Jelly Bean & Project Butter…. But, got to say, UI-wise, ICS was better… Like someone wrote in earlier post, it is meant for phones, not tablets….. Samsung has completely botched things up…. Wifey dear has SG Ace Duos…. Now, my Tab 2 interface looks like same as her phone….Will be switching to Vanilla JB 4.2 or Cynogen Mod as soon as this is out of warranty… disappointed with Samsung JB update… 🙁

    • Rithun Arackal

      Whats abt google now? Is it working on ur tab?

      • Rohit

        Don’t know…. Don’t use this Google service !

      • Rohit

        Just Checked…. it is there…. with Google Search…. Check it !


          Yes it is with the search as I have shown in my video and it is working

        • Rithun Arackal

          My tab also have Google search but there is no voice and when i switch google now on it turns to off automatically when i go back

  • Rithun Arackal

    Today i updated my tab to jelly bean,,it works smoothly but i dont find google now and screenshot icon is also missing… can i take screenshot?


      To take a screen capture press the volume down and power button at the same time and hold it until the screen capture is finished

      • Rithun Arackal

        Thanks but google now is also missing

        • Ram

          Long press on the home icon and u’ll find the google now

      • Jahangir Shaik

        Many thanks.. This works, is there a way to create a shortcut in Mini Apps ?

  • swapnil

    update available thru kies onlyyyy,, conect to pc via kies thru cable ……

    Please watch it this is for those who have not got the update they can watch it and know how it look after the update and this is my 1st ever youtube video so please comment rate and share

    • Rohit

      Just saw the video you posted… Have to say, touch has improved, but, didn’t like the interface… Would skip update for sometime….

  • Parvez

    Jelly bean updated for tab 2 in Hyderabad

  • I just bought this tab after seeing this post. And now I am reading the comments. Guys, is it confirmed if the JB update is available or not?


      Yes it is available just go to settings and then go to about device and then to software update then check software update it will then conbect to server and show that there is a update and then download and install it
      I upgraded it right now and it working will post benchmark results

      • Bhaskar Bharti

        Tried it. Says no update available. Trying with Kies now. I guess when you check for the update first time. It asks for Accepting a Disclaimer. I chose India as the country, would it make any difference?

  • jagadish.malvi

    Checked at 2:56am 14th december no update available….is samsung playing a game with us???? f….


      Update available at KOLKATA will be back with screenshot and benchmark


    I called SAMSUNG today they are saying that there is no update for SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 this was told to me by the technical department

    • naveen

      actually updates are available. some of my friends from Delhi got updates.

  • naveen

    updates will be available today 10 pm onwards.


      Ok Thank you for the information
      Did you call SAMSUNG or got to know from somewhere else?

      • naveen

        update can be done only through kies it seems.


          When I am connecting the tablet to KIES it is saying that GT P3100 does not support firmware upgrade and initialisation
          Can you tell me what to do?

  • naveen

    update not available(ota, kies).


    Still no update neither on my tablet and nor on the KIES I do not understand whar is happening why my tablet is not getting it when others have it Has anyone from KOLKATA received it?

    • kapil

      yes you are correct yaar
      there is no such update


        I had called SAMSUNG they said no update is there I emailed them today still no reply
        Bro if you get any update please repky here bro

        • jith

          Update available….just updated

  • It is available Over the air. Started at around 10 AM IST on 13/12/2012. Do check it.
    Kush Varma

  • jagadish.malvi

    no update available

  • singh

    Now luking good my tab
    Tnks google android

  • naveen

    no updates available. time 22:22.

  • Rohit

    Saw many people saying update not available…. Could it be related to build….. quite possible that, it is a selective release for specific build.

  • swapnil

    Connected via kies, it first updates the kies software, and then gives a message of new firware version for the android jelly bean,,,, it clicked on update and it sarts the procedeure,,, update is currently not available over the air via wifi,,, location mumbai…

  • vaibhav

    whats the exact size of the update guys??



  • swapnil

    Over the air option is still not available time 14:26 on 12/12/2012… will try later thru kies….


    OK it is available on KIES though I am confused as to upgrade or not as the update includes the ROM leaked months before and the ROM is suited for phone as the interface is of a phone and it is not tablet ready

  • Anand

    Hi the time now is 01:35 PM

    Still there is no Update Available.. So much eagerly Waiting. If i get the update. I don’t mind bunking my office to Explore the Jelly Bean….

    • MANJU

      DEAR, SEE OVER KIES, connect the tab to pc, i got updated to 4.1.1 just now in office, from bangalore….,

      check with cable plugged to kies…. will solve the update issue.,

  • Abhishek

    Just updated the device, touch is better, not sure of the speed will get better idea in days to come. notification window has gone up and needs to be swiped now like in the phone models(maybe ill get used to it).

  • Ashish

    Update is available via Kies but in my case it do not works due problem of kies. on OTA its still not available.

  • dj

    still showing no update available 🙁 🙁 🙁


    This news is not true as I checked my tablet there is no update moreover I called SAMSUNG they said is not any update now

    • Joe

      There is an update and i have it upgraded to jelly bean yesterday.Mumbai.

    • MANJU

      check thhru plugged option, (KIES)., I JUST NOW UPDATED TO 4.1.1…,

    • Arup Dutta

      My tab2 updated yesterday through OTA on BSNL sim in kolkata. Some operators still blocked this type firmware updates & their connections get timed out at the time of downloading, ICS was just fine than jellybean, it eats more RAM & screen gets little hazy, MX Player not working properly on JB. wallpaper space reduced with upper & lower, others are same as ICS, not liked.

  • Pankaj

    available and updated it, finding the transition difficult, on first date
    till no:
    Pros wifi speed increased many folds, touch has improved
    Cons Battery % status not shown , notification window at top not good, it is to be swiped now, some more options difficult to find

    • Eashwar

      Is it showing as Version 4.1 or its just a firmware update…???

  • Rohit

    OK…. it is available, indeed…. just took some time coming……

    • Anand

      How did u get that Rohit.. Please let us also know …

      • Rohit

        Checked with My SGT2…. OTA…. Size is same as mentioned in post…. However, I have not been able to upgrade as yet because I dont know how to take backup of Contacts, Msgs and files…. New to Samsung & Android… 😛

  • Rohit

    Just tried to check if any update is available for my Tab 2…. Unfortunately, there is none 🙁

  • I am looking forward for this.

  • Manish

    I checked for the update rite now, but it says no update available….!!

  • Sahil

    Are you sure..??…cause i’m getting “No Update Available”..message..

  • Sahil

    Strange…i just tried and it said “No Update Available”…??

  • KaustubhDN

    When Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus P6200 will get Jelly Bean update in India..?