Samsung launches Wi-Fi only Galaxy Camera

samsung-GALAXY_Camera_FrontOriginally announced at IFA last year, Samsung Galaxy Camera has now got a Wi-Fi only version EK-GC110. The existing version of Galaxy Camera comes with HSPA+ connectivity. The removal of 3G is likely to result in a lower-price tag.

Rest of the features of Samsung Galaxy Camera remain same – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 21x optical zoom lens, 16M BSI CMOS sensor, and 4.77-inch HD Super Clear LCD.

There is no word on the availability of Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi.

Excerpt from the press release:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd today launched the Samsung GALAXY Camera (Wi-Fi), the newest addition to the GALAXY Camera line-up. Like the original GALAXY Camera, the GALAXY Camera (Wi-Fi) combines high performance photographic features with Android™ 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, making shooting, enjoying, editing and sharing images from a single device easier than ever before.

The GALAXY Camera (Wi-Fi) has all of the innovative and practical features that the GALAXY Camera offers but without a 3G/4G connection. This makes the GALAXY Camera (Wi-Fi) more affordable for a user who does not need the always- connected benefit of the GALAXY Camera.

Post Author: Gaurav Shukla

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  • sushant

    Let’s calculate the price.
    samsung camera 3G available for 26000/-
    samsung Tab 2 3G available for 19300/-
    samsung Tab 2 Wifi available for 13900/-
    so 19300 – 13900 = 5400
    so 26000 -5400 = 20600 🙂
    The Price of samsung camera wifi cost should be apporx. 20600/-

  • james

    One thing samsung didnt think of , the camera lens protrudes on boot up/start up. Why is that a problem ? This is a hybrid device, a tablet camera if you like, so if you are holding it like a tablet or have it mounted in a car , or sitting screen up on a table the lens will still protrude and either break the plastic internals OR push its self out of the car mount and onto the floor, just paid $200 to have mine fixed. Quite a few apps activate the camera programatically .Samsung could have thought ahead and either made the default to not protrude on startup or they could have mounted a proximity sensor on the lens side of the device to check for obstructions, but they didn’t.

  • Nellius Naisola

    where in kenya can i get this camera and how much is it going for. Its such a nice camera