HTC One SIM-free version further delayed in UK, now expected on April 3

HTC One delays don’t seem to be ending. Now, UK retailer Clove is saying that the SIM-free silver version of the HTC One is further delayed and the first stock is expected on April 3. The Black version is coming even later on April

With pre-orders crossing the expected HTC One units in the first stock, Clove is now stating that orders placed after March 26 will now be fulfilled in late-April, meaning the retailer is not expecting the second stock before April-end.

Clove noted the following on its blog:

If you have an order with Clove for a HTC One, or have been planning to place an order, please find the current stock situation below:

Silver HTC One – First stock delayed until next week, 3rd April.

Black HTC One – First stock delayed until 10th April.

Orders placed on or after 26th March are likely to ship late April.

With Galaxy S 4 availability fast approaching and the phone set to be released in April-end, these delays are going to cost HTC very much.

There is no word on the carrier-branded versions of HTC One, whether they will be available this week or not.

HTC had earlier stated that it will release HTC One is three countries – Taiwan, Germany and UK and other countries getting the phone next month, now we are not sure about this time-line.

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