First Blink-enabled Chrome stable build arriving in ten weeks: Google

Google has revealed that we might see the first Blink rendering engine powered Chrome stable build in around ten weeks. This comes just a day after Google announced its Chrome Logo

Apparently, Chromium (the project behind Chrome) uses a different multi-process architecture unlike other WebKit based browsers and over the year of Chrome development, this has led to increased complexity. Google wants to remove this complexity and speed up development of Chrome and Chromium projects, thus the switch to Blink.

Chrome developers told the dev community in a Q&A panel that Blink is already integrated in the Canary builds of Chrome, and Google hopes to see the stable versions of its Chrome 28 with Blink for Android and the desktop within 10 weeks.

We can always see it Blink-powered Chrome earlier in the beta releases.  You can watch the entire Q&A panel for more information on Blink below.


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