HTC One Android 4.2.2 update now rolling-out in India

HTC has finally started rolling out the Android 4.2.2 update for HTC One smartphone in the Indian market. The update is now available over-the-air and you will automatically get a notification on your phone as soon as the update is ready for your device.HTC One Android 4.2.2 Update India

The update brings a host of improvements to the smartphone including lock-screen widgets, Daydream support, performance enhancements and more.

Your HTC One will first get a smaller 1.47MB update, which readies your device for Android 4.2.2, once you have finished the first update, the actual Android 4.2.2 update will show up. The main update is over 400MB in size, so it is better that you download over Wi-Fi.

HTC One Android 4.2.2 Update change-log

  • Launcher bar enhancements
  • Lock-screen widgets
  • Home button options
  • New quick settings panel in notification shade
  • Battery level in status bar
  • Gallery app improvements
  • AE/AF enhancements in the camera
  • New Zoe file format
  • Video highlights
  • Daydreams
  • Widget panel rearrangement
  • Music Channel: Seek, Fast forward, rewind functions added.

Thanks Arihant | Image Credit: Amolbalo & Smartboy at XDA

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  • kankam daniel

    i got my update three days ago on my one x,so i tried upgrading after finishing the download and about to install i got this popup saying it is corrupted,so i should try downloading it again.i ve tried like five time but still the same problem.any help?

  • Raj kamal kamal

    I’ve not got my update…when I will get.. can you help me out to get updates of 4.2.2 in India?

  • Dhairya Jhaveri

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve not yet got my update…:(
    Software no. 1.29.1540.17
    Please help me out…

  • Ghanshyam Chhayani

    Thanks for Information.. I got update. i will let you know my experience after update.. 🙂 🙂

    • tarang

      i havent go the update.. all i got was a 17 mb update to 1.29.1540.17.. can any one help

  • kishore

    thanks for the info…just now got my update…:)

  • Harsh

    I gt the update..:-D:-D

  • Shazaib

    I m frm Pakistan and still not got the update.Does anyone know when the update will be available in Pakistan

    • patriot

      ay porki have a ham dick sandwich and it will download by a mirale

  • Maulik GustoSapien

    after download it says system update corrupted, download again ! when i tap on download again, it restarts to a black screen with an exclamation mark over an small clip art of a phone. 🙁 Please help
    i’ve neither rooted it nor unlocked bootloader ever

    • scorpio

      Your update is not downloaded completely and got corrupted. I got similar issue. Ensure you have reliable network while doing the update. Any breaks in between may corrupt your download.

      1.Switch off your mobile and restart again. The mobile will reboot and come to normal mode.
      2. Go to the settings and update menu and check for update.
      3. As usual, htc one identifies new version available and prompt for download. go through the instructions.
      4. In the last prompt it says, download is ready to install. Install / Not install / Install later. Select not to install.
      5. Again go to step 2 and check of updates. This time it will download again the update. check in between whether the download is fully done or not

    • Tom mason

      if you can have your local carrier do it where you got the phone


    Got the update

  • Arun

    I have got the update today …

  • Nemish

    Got it

  • Adit

    I’ve got the update

    • adit

      Updated at 16:23 🙂