Micromax to enter Russian smartphone market in December: Report

Indian smartphone vendor Micromax is planning to enter Russian smartphone market in December this year, reports Russian smartphone market

While Micromax has been operating in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, it can’t be dubbed as a global player just yet. With the release of its products in Russia, the company is hoping to achieve that. Also, Micromax thinks that it will be able to succeed in Europe if it can crack the Russian market.

“We are launching in Russia in December and if I am able to crack Russia, we will also able to capture the whole (of) Europe,” Rahul Sharma, Co-Founder, Micromax told Business Line.

The company has already set-up an office in the country and hired initial employees from the existing players.  It has also partnered with Russian search giant Yandex and will most probably be pre-loading Yandex app store on its phones.

Micromax also recently roped in Hollywood star Hugh Jackman as its brand ambassador for Canvas-series smartphones. With Jackman, the company now has a face, who is recognisable worldwide as it attempts to become a global smartphone player.

Image Credit: Reuters

Post Author: Gaurav Shukla

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4 thoughts on “Micromax to enter Russian smartphone market in December: Report


    (October 26, 2013 - 7:42 pm)

    So its like Micromax importing phones from china to India and then export from India to Russia.Stupid Micromax even dont have manufacturing unit anywhere in world.

      Just A Nobody

      (October 26, 2013 - 10:46 pm)

      Welcome to the brave new world of ‘outsourcing’. Think you might have heard of it 😛
      Not even Apple has manufacturing facilities anywhere. Foxconn, Pegatron etc. does contract manufacturing for them. It’s cheaper that way. This way, you are not responsible for the healthcare, pension costs etc. of your employees.
      [China does most of the outsourced manufacturing of global brands whereas we do most of the outsourced services (back-office BPO). Bangladesh does the clothes and Pakistan, most of the leather products including Nike, Addidas footballs for FIFA tournaments, American NFL etc.]
      But the thing is, Apple, like all tier 1 brands have their own design and R&D teams whereas most Indian brands don’t. Most of these are either rebranded devices sold under different brands worldwide designed and manufactured by the same ‘white box manufacturer’. Look it up. 🙁
      BTW for whatever it’s worth, it won’t be – China>India>Russia. It will just be China>Russia. The iPhones, Galaxies etc. don’t come to India via USA, Korea respectively, but directly from China 🙂

    View From The Top

    (October 25, 2013 - 12:57 pm)

    So now it’s the turn of the Russians to get screwed over LOL! * Shakes his head violently * Nyet Nyet 😛

    Arpin Gajjar

    (October 25, 2013 - 11:42 am)

    The Indian mobile company – Micromax Now Growing.

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