Asus smartwatch teaser confirms the Zenwatch branding

Asus ZenWatchIn its latest teaser for the upcoming IFA trade fair announcements, Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has revealed the branding of its first Android Wear smartwatch. As per a video teaser shared by the company earlier today on social media, the smartwatch will be known as Asus Zenwatch.

No other specific details have been revealed in the teaser but it does give a few glances at the actual device.

To remind you, Asus Zenwatch will be unveiled on September 3 and the press event will be streamed live on the company’s Facebook page.

As per reports until now, the Asus smartwatch is expected to be priced aggressively than other Android Wear devices and will offer better battery life.

LG G Watch R teaser

In related news, LG has also released a new teaser for its upcoming circular smartwatch, which is expected to be known as G Watch R.  The company has not shared any details with the teaser.

Like Zenwatch, it will also be showcased at IFA trade fair but could be officially announced a few days earlier.LG G Watch R

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1 thought on “Asus smartwatch teaser confirms the Zenwatch branding


    (August 27, 2014 - 7:59 pm)

    2010 when iPad made its debut, Tablets were the hottest trend. Every manufacturer wanted a share of the pie. It was going well till 2012-13 but come 14 and the tablets have slowed down considerably.
    Considering tablets didn’t have much of a productive usage compared to Laptops despite having high price, this is quite an achievement. Smartwatch won’t even last half that long unless the price is kept low and the battery backup can be upped considerably. None of these looks possible unless it starts shipping with monochrome display like Pebbel in which case most will be like “look at the toy”. Instead manufacturers look to add more features and they would have had Google not intervened and made Android Wear closed source (kind of).
    The only thing that looks +ve ATM is the health band or fitness tracker. It can last for several days on a single charge, looks trendy and doesn’t cost kidney and a liver to own.

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