Motorola becomes fourth largest smartphone vendor in India: Canalys

Indian smartphone shipment Q2, 2014Within six months of re-entering the Indian market, Motorola Mobility has joined the top five smartphone vendors club in the country, revealed the latest report from research firm Canalys.

The smartphone shipment report from Canalys notes that Motorola shipped a total of 955,650 smartphones in the last quarter, leaving behind Nokia (now Microsoft), which had earlier occupied the fourth spot in the country’s smartphone market. Nokia shipped just 633,720 smartphones in Q2, 2014.

Despite showing an amazing growth, Motorola still trails Samsung, Micromax, and Karbonn in the country, which had shipped 4.11 million, 3.09 million and 1.07 million smartphones respectively in the second quarter.

Overall, the Indian smartphone market grew 9 percent since the first quarter of 2014. The total number of units are unclear right now.

To remind you, Motorola announced its re-entry in the country in February 2014 with the launch of Moto G. It has since launched Moto X and Moto E smartphones. Moto G and Moto E have particulary seen a lot of interest from the Indian consumers.

Vendor Q2, 2014 shipments Q1, 2014 shipments
Samsung 4,111,280 4,478,170
Micromax 3,097,010 2,795,850
Karbonn 1,077,810 1,296,170
Motorola 955,650 379,310
Nokia (Microsoft) 633,720 583,160

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5 thoughts on “Motorola becomes fourth largest smartphone vendor in India: Canalys

    Janak Kumar Yadav

    (August 4, 2014 - 4:54 pm)

    Congrats Motorola. Now it’s the perfect time for Motorola India to reduce prices of it’s old flagship Moto X 16GB variant for Indian consumers from flat Rs.23,999 currently being offered on plastic and wood back covers; to something like under Rs.19,000/- which will be moderate to woo customers to sell more stocks of old flagship handset Moto X in India. Since prices of Moto X and Moto G were reduced globally in last 5-6 months, why not Indian consumers get a taste of this sort of price cuts for flagship devices by Motorola. Or otherwise, bring in Moto X 32GB/64GB to India as on same price of 16GB variant sold by flipkart.


    (August 2, 2014 - 10:34 pm)

    And while all these was being published, you can find HTC, Sony and LG taking the back seat and playing the finger pointing game. Will they launch budget mobiles that people want to buy? NO. Will they stop playing the blame game? NO. Will they do any effort to boost sales? Absolutely NO. Will they do any kind of sensible pricecut? sire stop joking. yet all 3 of these continue to launch mobiles that have low-mid range spec, outdated overbloated OS (by HTC mainly) yet priced higher than most competitors.
    Hats off to Asus. their tablet range (non-Nexus) are priced really high but they came back strongly in mobile space and ate into existing brand’s volume. And still the trio of H S L are still playing the blame game.


    (August 2, 2014 - 8:44 pm)

    Am happy with the Moto X. Await the 4.4.4 Update. Motorola will flourish in India for sure.

    View From The Top

    (August 2, 2014 - 4:43 pm)

    So the douchebag Samsung is still at no. 1. At least it’s gone down from Q1 to Q2 thankfully. Yeaaayyy! 😛

    Hopefully by the end of the year, we’ll see Asus and Xiaomi replace MMX and Karbonn, provided of course, they can actually start supplying their ZenFone 4 and 4.5 (in case of Asus) and Redmi 1S and Redmi Note (in case of Xiaomi) for general sale. 🙂

    I can’t explain for the love of God as to why MMX would improve so much though. Moto G and Moto E are positioned EXACTLY in the segments where MMX, Karbonn, and Lava make most of their sales! I guess this is the pitfall of not selling through local brick-and-mortar outlets and not advertising on air and in print. Everybody who asks for “mujhe ek phone dikhaiye is price range mey” comes out with a Samsung or MMX. 🙁


      (August 3, 2014 - 10:40 am)

      Well said…
      That is an exact scene of indian mobile market. Sellers are too eager to sell Samsung or MMX… and curse Motorola…. and innocent ppl come out with either of these!! Pity them… that is again a crime that companies like motorola or Asus or Xiaomi are doing by not letting ppl getting aware of them! In India the trend is “?? ????? ?? ?? ?? ????? ??”.

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