Android TV to power all 2015 Philips TVs from TP Vision

TV Vision Philips TVTP Vision, which is the exclusive brand licensee of Philips TVs in select markets, has announced that its entire line-up of Philips TVs in 2015 will run Android TV.

The company has not shared specifics about the TV models or the pricing, but it has stated that the TVs will not only offer access to Google Play, but also to the Philips Smart TV platform, which includes video on demand and catch-up TV services. In addition, the televisions will support OnLive gaming service.

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TP Vision drives forward the integration of Android into Philips TVs

Amsterdam, January 5th, 2015 – TP Vision is pushing on with its integration of the Android operating system into Philips TVs. Almost the entire 2015 range of Philips TVs, including Philips Smart TVs and all Philips UHD TVs, will be powered by Android TV.

First mover in Europe and Latin America

TP Vision has been dedicated to the integration of the Android operating system into Philips TVs. TP Vision has been the first company bringing TVs powered by Android to the European market. In addition, TP Vision plans to also market Philips TVs powered by Android in Latin America.

More apps, more fun

Android Lollipop fully integrates the TV platform and brings dedicated Android TV apps to the big screen. Having one software development kit (SDK) for all platforms will give developers great access to TV experience. “We want to leverage the advantage of being a pioneer member of Android’s large, fast growing eco-system. It attracts a huge base of developers, who now can easily adapt their apps for different types of devices including TVs”, said Albert Mombarg, Head of Smart TV at TP Vision.

Philips TVs are an integral part of the Android eco-system

All Philips TVs powered by Android TV will combine the best of two worlds: they offer direct access to Google Play store and to the broad offering on the Philips Smart TV platform, including video on demand and catch-up TV services. In addition, all Philips Smart TVs powered by Android provide access to online gaming services such as OnLive.

Improved user interface

The upcoming range of Philips Smart TVs will feature a further improved graphical user interface, which makes use of the new Android TV launcher. Combining this with reworked designs and great processing power will provide a first-class, fluent and convenient user experience on Philips Smart TVs.

Great picture quality and Ambilight

TP Vision sees the integration of Android into Philips Smart TVs as another great asset for their highly-valued TVs: “By combining superb picture quality in both FHD and UHD, our unique Ambilight lighting technology, great design and the power of  Android TV we are putting together a truly sophisticated TV offering for our Philips TV customers,” said Nico Vernieuwe, Chief Commercial Officer TP Vision.

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