Amazon Alexa Mobile Accessories

Coming soon: Amazon Alexa-powered mobile accessories

With its main competitor Google Assistant already making its way to everything from smartwatches to headphones, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is also gearing up to do the same. Amazon on Friday announced that it is bringing an Alexa Mobile Accessory kit, which will allow the accessory manufacturers to integrate Alexa in their on-the-go devices like […]

Bragi - The Dash Pro

Bragi launches Headphone & Dash Pro wireless earbuds in India

The headphone maker Bragi has entered the Indian market with the launch of two wireless earbuds in the country. The company is bringing The Dash Pro and The Headphone via retailer The Headphone Zone. It plans to expand the availability to online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon as well as major brick and mortar stores […]

tesla supercharger

Tesla launches $45 Powerbank & Desktop Supercharger for phones

Expanding its merchandise offerings, Tesla has quietly launched a power bank and a desktop charger for the smartphone users. Released in the United States recently, the power bank has been simple dubbed as the Tesla Powerbank and the desktop charger is called Desktop Supercharger. Both can be ordered from the Tesla website for $45 each, […]