Sony Bravia Android TV

Sharp, Sony, TP Vision & Huawei to launch Android TV devices this year

Google on Tuesday announced that Asus-made Nexus Player isn’t going to be the only Android TV device to grace our living rooms, but it is working with a number of manufacturers, which will release Android TV devices this year. “When we launched Android with a single phone in 2008, we never imagined that we could […]

Sony Walkman NW_ZX2

Sony unveils Android-powered Walkman NW-ZX2 media player

Sony on Monday announced a new Walkman-series media player in the form of Walkman NW-ZX2. Targeted to the audiophiles, the new media player has been priced $1120 and will go on sale this spring in the United States. “Experience High-Resolution audio like never before with the Walkman NW-ZX2 which can reproduce master quality recordings just […]


Mystery Google media player appears at FCC

H840Is Google working on another Nexus Q like media streamer? The evidence seems to suggest that. As a mystery Google hardware device marked as a media player has appeared on FCC for certification.

At any given point of time, Google is tinkering with multiple hardware devices, which are not necessarily meant for full release, so this is in no way a confirmation of the impending arrival of Google Nexus Q successor, but we won’t be surprised if it indeed turns out to be a real deal. Read more about Mystery Google media player appears at FCC


Huawei to launch MediaQ M310, a quad-core set-top box, for $80

Huawei_MediaQ_M310Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is not just eying smartphone market with its cool new devices, but also seems to planning to join the Android set-top party as well. A device dubbed as Huawei MediaQ M310 has come to light, and is reportedly going to be launched in the coming three months for around $80.

This Android powered set-top box is not a Google TV product, but packs Android as the operating system with Huawei’s own TV-specific UI atop. This is clearly not the first product in this segment, but it is certainly showing a big trend among Chinese manufacturers, who are launching affordable Android powered TV boxes every day. Read more about Huawei to launch MediaQ M310, a quad-core set-top box, for $80