Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 aka Tab 2 310 getting software update in India (Update: Stability update, not JB)

After a recent leak of Jelly Bean OTA at SamMobile, Samsung India seems to have started rolling out Android 4.1  (see update below)update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 owners in the country. The update is reportedly available over-the-air, but you can also try via Kies app.

As we have only got one confirmation so far for the update, it might be a trial roll-out, so wait for some days, if you don’t get the update right-away.

The update is 207MB in size. The changelog is not available right now.

If you have updated your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0  do let us know in comments.

Update: Sorry folks, false alarm. It seems to be a stability update, not Jelly Bean)

Thanks Zeeshan

  • Naveed

    hi. i have a samsung galaxy tab 2 310. was working perfectly when suddenly it froze and then switched off. now i cant turn it on.. help anyone

  • Jeff

    Jelly Bean just hit mine, what a mess, now it looks like a generic tablet

  • Zulfiquar


    I Use Samsung P3100 With 3G Voice + Wi-Fi.

    I Too Got It Updated To Baseband Version : P3100DDLG1. Kernel Version: 3.0.8-1060938 / dpi@HP25#1.

    Build # IMM76D.P3100DDBLH3.

    Overall Minor Improvements. Nothing Major.

    • Sudheer Reddy

      You mean jelly bean update? how ?

  • Basudev


  • Shubham

    which smart phone or tablet is best for me in Rs. 20000.please sggst me…….

    • Saleesh Sanuel

      I would suggest you buy a samsung galaxy tab 2 310 with a Jelly Bean update, i just went through the review and features of the device, i should say its too awesome to miss. I too am waiting for the Jelly Bean update, once that is done i’m getting one for myself.

  • It’s great news … How much would the cost of tablet

    • Abhilash


  • Archit

    Hey guys am planning to buy samsung galaxy tab 2 310. Just wanted to know is there any problem or issues in it?
    Or is there any other alternative tablet in the market with 2g or 3g support. Pls do reply. Thanks in advance.

    • Abhilash

      No issues till now and i used it for more than 2 months.I think there is only one alternative for this HCL ME Y2 but i suggest you to buy Galaxy tab.


    I also thought it was ANDROID 4.1 update.After installing found out that it is the same 4.0.4 this update basically is a stability update and according to me the previous stock ROM was ok, this is not upto the mark.It has included Dropbox and new version of all share as stock app.The new music player feature is added .More importantly apart from the small update the main reason of this update was to make the GALAXY TAB 2 ready for ANDROID 4.1 update by changing the baseband version to the version which is required to have ANDROID 4.1.

  • uma kumar

    What i have to do after download fireware update in my samsung tab 2 7.0 p3100.
    Help me.
    Step wise.


      Just click on download and the TAB will download it and after that it will by itself install it and after installation is done the TAB will be like it was before.You do not have to do anything apart from downloading.

      • uma

        Hi buddy I install the fireware update in my samsung tab 2 7.0 p3100- 2007 MB all function are work in good seance but. I have one big problem with my rear camera its not working in sun light. In shadow is working but when i shoot the picture in sun light its clicked but not take picture , its show a blank picture like a Gray scale paper Its nothing to show.
        And in video mood or front cam is working perfectly. Help me about this problem. Whats is it?

  • The update is 4.0.4 recd. a week or so ago. I have not got any alerts on Jelly Bean update.

  • Abhilash

    No it’s not jelly bean update.

  • aman

    207 mb updates is it

  • Prashant Gupta

    its only forware update and many more improvements.

    Hope samsung will relese soon.. 🙂

  • swapnil

    I had updated the galaxy tab 2, yesterday model no GT-P3100, but it is sad that it not a 4.1 update of Jelly Bean, it is just a nominal update, which has a new keyboard, and some additional features and many improvements. like the addition of new mood based song playlist, and addition of all share play, app. also few icons are upgraded. I had done an over the air update. did not connect via kies, update was automatically downloaded and installed. ota.

    • N Chauhan

      That is right. I agree with Swapnil

    • Sudheer Reddy

      Yes i too had the same dissatisfying feeling after finding what is been installed after the update. it was nothing but 4.0.4 with new keyboard which is good though very spacious. but no other considerable improvements. more so it has spoiled my pre update experience.

      i love the touch sound in android, but not it has been replaced by water drop sound when ever we touch screen and believe me it is irritating to ears which i cannot change also. rather i have muted that sound completely.

      i dont know why people misguided us saying this is the Jelly Bean update. i was so exited and tensed up when the Tab is getting installed with the new firmware and i am completely disappointed after the Update.

      even disappointing is that before installation i used to get decent speed in 2G internet now it has become crap. the 2G internet has gone real slow and laggy.

  • maneesh tevatia

    Its not jelly bean. It is 4.04. Good thing is phone is performing better after update

  • Abhijit

    I received on Air update of 207 MB’s but no changelogs available also no signs of Google Now, But the speed is very enhanced with new crisped fonts and brand new keyboard..

  • Akarsh Verma

    The Update you are talking about was a FirmWare update and not Jelly Bean update. But yes JB should be shortly followed.

  • taher

    Just got an update notification 2 0 7 mb alright. But it says its a stability update

  • taher

    Just got an update notification 2 0 7 mb alright. But it says its a stability update

  • nikhil

    It is available

  • Harry

    Updated today after 2-3 retries…. Project butter works fine…google voice works without data connection…thats gr88


    just updated tab 2 with the following update but sadly its no where near to jb.. just a few changes in performance and the new keybord suckx..!

  • sahasraraj

    i have got the update but its not the one(jelly bean) for what i have been waiting for the total size is of 207 mb the features of it are the typing pad was awesome in this update and it also includes all share and drop box

  • Aditya

    Yes, thanks for the information, its 207 mb… Just updating…

  • cordite

    the 207 update is not jelly bean, some features have changed their appearance but it’s not jelly bean.
    the version is still 4.0.4


    Glad to be of help.I am downloading the update will tell once installed.

  • Kush Varma

    its not jelly beans update. its just update of touch keypad, some feature of settings, all share update and new touch sound. android version remain same 4.0.4

    this update was available 4-5 days back.

    please update it, its NOT JELLY BEANS UPDATE.